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Posted: 17.05.2016


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'Service to humanity’ by Sat Tony Samara

“Service to humanity is such an amazing gift in this seemingly more self-centered world of ours today. We can learn that the world does not center on ourselves, our needs, our beliefs, or even our thoughts or words. The world rather centers on love, expands beyond our ego into a space where spiritual growth, compassion, cooperation, focused giving to others, to the mother earth, and for the universal goodness. This is the magical heart of existence. The creative meaning of existence helps us to nourish our needs, beliefs and thoughts from a space that transcends limitations, dependencies and expectations in a practical as well as in a philosophical sense.

 In a practical sense we need to watch the mind and the ego to avoid the games that are so often created to justify our actions. If while working in a garden our efforts and time are simply spent in the garden to satisfy our selfish needs, then we bypass so much and we miss the beauty of sharing with all that is present and alive. If we plant trees as a gift to humanity then those trees flourish. If we plant them simply to satisfy needs then we don’t have a forest rather we have an extension of or a picture of our needs in the garden lacking in the aliveness and magic that is so natural to this world.

 In the same sense, if any other action or practical work that we undertake is simply to satisfy our needs and we surely forget the beauty of the world and to be an integral part of this beauty, then our work becomes self-centered and its goal becomes to satisfy our beliefs, needs, egos and thoughts. Being and trusting, that your real and selfless actions are an expression of beauty then those beliefs, needs, thoughts and egotistical aspects become superfluous and we enter an aliveness and magic that is our birthright.

This is what makes people great and gives meaning to our personal life as well as hope for humanity


Sat Tony Samara, author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom’, ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation’, ‘Different Yet the Same’, ‘Karma, Mantra and Beyond’ and ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha’ has been inspiring thousands of readers to discover inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives, through the power and simplicity of practicalSpirituality. At the core of his teachings lies the evolution of human consciousness, which in today’s world is vital for achieving deep, personal happiness, inner peace and the illumination of one’s inner quest.

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