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Posted: 17.05.2016


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Power Of Prayers by Arya Kothari  

Namo Arihantanam” From just this first line peace and serenity fills your mind and body. Just saying one Navkar Mantra with all our heart and true belief and compassion, sagropams (innumerable years) of pap can go away. At times you may think, “Why do we pray at all?” or “What’s the use of prayers? They don’t seem to really do anything anyway,” but the truth is they do. When you pray with true belief miracles can happen. Prayers eradicate and diminish pap and bring in punya causing pleasure and happiness. The fruits of your punya may not spring right into action. In fact, they might come into effect in your next birth, or maybe even thousands of years after, but sooner or later they will come into effect.  

Now, why do we pray? We pray because we wish to do well and attain salvation, or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. We pray to bhagawan because we wish to become like him. We pray for forgiveness from other living beings. In other words we pray to rid ourselves from karma. Praying is vital to attain liberation and though we can’t always see its effect it is very important. We shouldn’t pray and expect a reward. We should pray to purify our soul with no feeling of attachment so we don’t acquire any new karmas, but usually in one way or another we have a feeling of attachment so we acquire punya. Prayers are divine and they help us feel calm and blessed if we pray with all our heart. They diminish our anger and arrogance and take away our anxiety. Prayers like Navkar Mantra are extremely powerful and we should be grateful that we were given this amazing gift and use it to the fullest extent. 

Prayers = Eternal Bliss



My name is Aarya Kothari. I’m in sixth grade, and I study in Mill Creek Middle School. I’m a straight A’s student and was placed 2nd in the DAR writing contest in my class. In dharmic I’ve learned till Vandittu and also Bhaktambar and Badhi Shanti. Dance is my passion. I feel blessed to be born as a Jain

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