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Jain Center of Southern California

In This Issue

  • Ongoing Programs
  • Life Time Tithis
  • Upcoming Events
  • Dignitary Visits/Shibirs
  • Sadhu Bhagwants' Chaturmas in Mumbai
  • Tapovan Shibir for NRI kids - 7/10-17
  • Applied Faith Of Lord Mahavir by Shri Girishbhai - 7/23-24
  • Wellness Challenge
  • Appeal for RSVP
  • TCCOP & ACC Update
  • Other News & Events

    Ongoing Programs | June - July 2016






    Start Time

    Daily Ashtprakari Puja


     7:30 AM

    Aarti-Mangal Divo


     8:15 PM


     7:30 PM


    Daily in the morning


    Chaudus Pratikraman

    7/3, 7/18 (Chaumasi Chaudas - Dev Vandan 2.30 pm)

     6:30 PM (week day)

     6:00 PM (weekend)

    Monthly Snatra Puja and Navkar Mantra Jaap

    7/9 (First Saturday of Lunar Month)

     9:00 AM

    Monthly Bhavna Bhakti

    6/24, 7/29

     7:30 PM

    JSG (No Pathshala class until October 1st)

    Every Sunday: Gujarati class till Oct 1st

    10:00 AM




    Weekly Evening Swadhyay

    Every Mon,Tue & Thu


    Shri Adhyatmsar Granth


     By Girishbhai (8.00 PM)

    14 Gunasthanak


     By Hasendrabhai
    (8.30 to 10.00 PM)

    Shri Yogshatak Granth^^


     By Girishbhai (8.00 PM)


    • NOTE: There will be no Pathshala class till 10/1






    Life Time Tithis




    • 6/25  Shah, Girish & Pravina  -  For Manchhaben Chunilal Shah
    • 7/04  Vadecha, Vipin & Jyoti  -  Punyatithi of Devshibhai Bhudarbhai Vadecha
    • 7/05  Shah, Nilesh & Krina  -  For Ratilal Mohanlal Shah
    • 7/17  Chheda, Vijay & Madhu  -  For Panbai Dharshi Chheda
    • 7/24  Shah, Dr Nitin & Krina  -  Punyatithi of Kevin Prakash Ghandhi
    • 7/27  Shah, Abhaybhai (Jigar Shah)  -  Punyatithi of Jitendrabhai Harilal Shah

    Send a photograph of your loved one to Kinal Modi at kinalmodi12@yahoo.com. Please contact Ketan Parekh at Ketan.Parekh@JainCenter.net for information, questions or any pledges.






    Upcoming Events




    • YJA Convention in Los Angeles | July 1-4, 2016
    • Shrimad Rajchandra Bhakti | July 20, 2016
    • Shibir by Shri Girishbhai | July 23-24, 2016.
    • Neminath Janm Kalyanak | August 7, 2016.
    • Paryushan Mahaparv | August 29 - September 5, 2016 
    • Tapasvi Parna | September 6, 2016
    • Das Laxna Mahaparv | Sept 6-15, 2016






    Dignitary Visits/Shibirs




    • Friday - Sunday, July 8th -10th: Discourses by Shamnijis from Banglore, India.
    • Saturday - Sunday, July 23rd - 24th: Shibir by Shri Girishbhai 
    • Monday - Monday, August 29th - Sept 5th: Paryushan Mahaparv - Shri Dhirajlal Pandit.
    • Friday - Sunday, September 16th - 18th: Lectures by Smt Taralaben Doshi.






    List Of Sadhu Bhagwants During Chaturmaas In Mumbai, India




    Good News for Visitors to India, particularly to Mumbai in 2016.

    Here is a very comprehensive list, with address, Phone # & Location of various Sadhu Bhagwants who will have their Chaturmaas in Mumbai during 2016. So please avail of this opportunity if you are visiting India during Chaturmaas.

    Please CLICK HERE for the complete list.






    Tapovan Shibir For NRI Kids - July 10 - 17, 2016




    Tapovan is Organizing NRI Shibir Exclusively for NRI Kids ​for l​ast 4 years. 
    ​This year we have Organized Shibir from July 10 to July 17, 2016.

    Our VISION for the NRI Shibir is:

    •  Imparting basic & in depth knowledge of Jain values to our NRI kids
    •  Imparting solid Sanskar of Jainism making one feel proud of being a Jain. 

    Daily activities during this Shibir are:

    • Asthaprakari Pooja & Bhavna with Orchestra Every day
    • Angi & Aarti
    • Samayak & Vanchan
    • Cultural activity
    • Yoga & Meditation
    • Sports & Games
    • Learn about Jain Geography, Jain Science & Jain History 
    • Many More Activities

    Please CLICK HERE for the Flyer

    Please CLICK HERE for the Details of the 2016 Tapovan NRI Shibir

    This is the fourth year of the shibir where we are receiving Confirmation from Kids across
    the globe like New ​York, Dubai, Bangkok, ​Antwerp, London.

    If you have any questions please contact:

    • ​Devarshi Shah +91 9998737068​
    • Arpit Shah on +91 9428420776.

    If you wish ​we can also add ​your name to our NRI Shibir group ​to​ which we circulate all the update of NRI Shibir​s.​
    ​Please also share these to your Friends and Relatives. Please share on your FB too!​
    You can ​also visit our ​F​acebook page www.facebook.com/tapovanshibir






    ભગવાન મહાવીરનો આચાર ધર્મ યાને ક્રિયા અને જ્ઞાનનો સમન્વય Applied Faith of Lord Mahavir by Shri Girishbhai - July 23 - 24, 2016




    Shri Girishbhai will be conducting a Shibir on July 23 - 24, 2016 and the topic is 
    ભગવાન મહાવીરનો આચાર ધર્મ  (ક્રિયા અને જ્ઞાનનો સમન્વય) 
    The schedule for the Shibir is as follows:

    ભગવાન મહાવીરનો આચાર ધર્મ 
    (ક્રિયા અને જ્ઞાનનું સમન્વય)

    Shibir at JCSC (July 23-24, 2016)




    10-12 am

    Session 1

    Session 4

    12-1 pm



    1-3 pm

    Session 2

    Session 5

    3-3:30 pm

    Tea break

    Tea break

    3:30-5:30 pm

    Session 3

    Session 6

    5:30-6:30 pm


    Dinner - finish

    ભગવાન મહાવીર દેવનો આચાર ધર્મ (ક્રિયા અને જ્ઞાનનું સમન્વય): July 23-24, 2016






    Wellness Challenge - Do 10 Minutes Of Breathing Exercises Every Day 




    For the upcoming weekly challenge we are challenging the participants to "do 10 minutes of breathing exercises every day.” Deep Breathing should be a part of our everyday life. It not only can lengthen the years that we get to live, but can make us happier, more productive and energetic living them too. Breathing deeply is a well-known stress reliever and has a multitude of health benefits as well. For more information and to participate in the challenge, click here.






    An Appeal for RSVP




    "As we all know, it is always a challenge to manage the right quantity of food specially during major events such as Anniversary, Paryushan etc. We have tried to estimate the number of expected attendees by relying on the RSVP method that hasn't always worked well. Either we are short on food or too much left overs; neither one is a preferred situation.

    We have repeatedly sent out the requests emphasizing the importance of RSVP response so that we can accurately estimate the number of expected people and organize the food accordingly but unfortunately, not all the members of our community has taken the requests quite seriously and still choose not to respond to the RSVP requests.

    Adjusting to the increased number of attendees than original estimate (based on RSVP) frequently results in compromising the food quality that no one likes including the management team (Food Committee, EC, BOD). Based on the suggestions received from the community members we will consider the options to resolve the issue.

    All of us are quite particular about responding to social events (Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays......) RSVP, however, we are not so particular when it relates to JCSC events

    Our goal is to have at least 95% accuracy as it is much easier to adjust 5% gap but not a 30% gap

    We are sincerely hoping for a positive response to this message.

    Please e-mail your suggestions to Mahesh Shah - mushafirshah(at)hotmail.com






    TCCOP & ACC Update




    Our efforts of serving the community is continuing with your gracious support. We added few more projects this year and had very good support from the community.

    We are continuing our routine of serving weekly breakfasts and monthly dinners, providing groceries, and visiting lonely patients. We have also started serving breakfast to Mental Health Association of Orange County once a month.

    We are pleased to inform that young children in our community expressed an interest to participate in TCCOP Seva!!!! This need prompted us to start Bag Packing of basic food items at the Derasar, for 250 economically challenged students. We have embarked upon this project since last November. If you are interested in participating please do contact us.

    We have started to serve breakfast in Pasadena since March 2016. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact us. 

    We want to thank our sponsors for last month:

    1. Anonymous
    2. Trusha & Sunil Shah
    3. Renu & Dilip Shah
    4. Anonymous
    5. Rajul Vasa for sponsoring Dinner at Long Beach Church.
    6. Anonymous for providing Breakfast and needed items for Mental Health Association.
    7. Paresh shah for donating a pallet of grocery to Giving Children Hope organization
    8. Anila Guruji for providing grocery to the shelter in Buena Park.

    We can help you celebrate yours or other family member's birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions meaningfully, by sponsoring an event in their honor! Also, if you want to help us in any of our projects please contact us.

    Thank you in advance for your contributions. 

    Please call 714-856-4256 or contact any of us at the following:
    Smita Doshi: smitadoshi@gmail.com
    Sachi Jain: sachijain311(at)gmail.com
    Darshna Shah: dshsh50@gmail.com
    Jayana Shah: jayana.n.shah(at)gmail.com
    Prafulla Shah: prafullashah(at)hotmail.com






    Other News & Events




    1) Jain Studies at a major University in Germany

    A historic initiative is going to start initiating studies of Jainism at a major University in Germany.  The funding is being sought from the German Government  with a condition that the Jain  community appreciates, likes and supports this initiative, not with their funds but with their interest.

    Please find the final version of the press release, including a brief introduction to the project and the department where it is located, as well as a short interview attached here.

    Please CLICK HERE for the Press Release.

    It would be great, if this could be published in as many Jain magazines, journals etc. as possible. If the text could be published even in print media, it would be wonderful and would be helpful in particular to start this initiative.

    2) Bay Area Shibir on Six Essentials at JCNC by Girishbhai Shah

    Friday June 24, 2016 to Sunday June 26, 2016

    (1) Shibir Schedule:

    *30 minutes Bhakti at the start of Sessions 1, 2, 5.

    Please bring your questions in writing and Give it to Girishbhai. He will answer them during the shibir.

    (2) RSVP is essential to attend the Shibir:
    We request you RSVP for the shibir. It's free. We want to make sure we have enough food for all the attendees and at the same time we don't want to waste food (by making more than needed).

    (3) Live Webcast:
    All session will be Live webcast
    Go to www.jcnc.org  and click on Webcast - Special Events - Auditorium

    (4) Shibir Details:

    The six essentials are:

    1) SAMAYIK - To stay in equanimity.
    2) CHAUVISATHTHO - Adoration and worship of 24 Tirthankars.
    3) VANDANA - Obeisance to Monks and Nuns.
    4) PRATIKRAMAN - Turning back to self.
    5) KAYOTSARGA - Meditation on Self.
    6) PRATYAKHYAN or Pacchakhan - means taking vow or formal renunciation of certain activities

    Girishbhai will explain each one in details and guide proper way to practice them.

    It is our responsibility to understand and practice them.

    (5) Scholar Introduction:
    Shri Girish bhai Shah is a well-known scholar from Jain Center of Southern California. His in-depth yet easy to understand discourses on variety of Jainism topics are very well attended and received. He teaches regularly at Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC). He is regularly invited to several Jain centers. He has conducted several Navkar Mantra Shibirs, Nav Tatva shibir at JCSC and other centers. We had privilege of hosting him for Navkar Mantra Shibir in May 2013 and Pudgal vosiravo in shibir in June 2014 at JCNC.

    If you have any questions, Please contact Mahasukh Vora (Co-VP of Religious) at: religious@jacnc.org or 408-827-8672

    3) "Puja and Piety' Exhibition & Details of a Lecture at SBMA

    a) Please see the full release below on the groundbreaking exhibition―Puja and Piety: Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist Art from the Indian Subcontinent, currently on view at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art through August 28.This presentation is the first in North America to celebrate the diversity of South Asian art by examining the relationship between aesthetic expression and the devotional practice in the three native religions of the Indian subcontinent―of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.  We think this topic will be of interest to your constituency.

    CLICK HERE for the pictures.

    b) In addition, we would like to inform you of an important lecture coming up:

    When: Sunday, July 10, 2:30 pm

    What: Worshiping the Dispassionate Lord: Rituals of Jain Piety

    A lecture by Dr. John E. Cort, Professor of Asian & Comparative Religions, Denison University
    The Jains are well known to scholars of Indian art for their thousands of elaborate temples which house three-dimensional stone and metal icons of the Jinas, enlightened and liberated teachers, and are among the masterpieces of Indian religious architecture. Cort explains the basic rituals of Jain piety, which are performed in large pilgrimage temples, in smaller neighborhood temples, and also at home shrines. His talk supplements and expands upon the many objects on display in the exhibition, and allows viewers to appreciate how these objects are simultaneously ritual implements and works of art.

    Free for SBMA Members
    $10 Non-Members
    $6 Senior Non-Members

    Reserve or purchase tickets at tickets.sbma.net

    More information here https://www.sbma.net/events/worshipping

    4) Sadhvi Diksha Ceremony in USA

    View images


    Becoming a Jain Sadhvi
    In today’s modern society it is rare to find souls who seek liberation versus worldly desires and pleasures. Most of the society is driven towards economic, social and career success. It is difficult to find spiritual seekers in such a society, especially in western countries; therefore, it's even rarer to find souls who wish to dedicate their life to the spiritual path fully, renounce the world, family, and possessions, endure difficult sadhana to burn karma, to lead a disciplined life, and put all efforts to attain the three jewels of right vision, right knowledge, and right conduct to eventually become liberated. 

    To become a Sadhvi, a female monastic, does not mean to take up an easy lifestyle or escape social and self-responsibilities. Rather it is the opposite. It is a lifetime vow of self-improvement, self-observation (being aware of all the activities of the mind such as emotions, thoughts, sense-pleasure, etc.), self-inquiry through pratikraman, and taking self-responsibility for past and present deeds, while at the same time inviting and burning karma through intense sadhana, tapasya and dhyan, studying deeply about soul and how to liberate it, and being disciplined and guided by the Acharya and guru on a daily basis.
    It is a special occasion that deserves much attention, celebration and recognition when a soul decides to enter the monastic life and become a Jain Sadhvi.
    On July 9, 2016, Tania Máynez will take her Jain Sadhvi Diksha. 

    About Tania
    Tania, 33, was born in Mexico to a hard-working, loving, highly principled and cultured family who instilled in her the values of integrity, loyalty, tenacity, hard work, selfless service, generosity, and compassion. At the age of 12, she moved with her family to Houston, Texas to establish a new life. 

    Tania is highly educated. She worked full-time while attending college full-time to pay for her own college education. She graduated from the University of Houston with Cum Laude honors and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree, a Minor in French, and an Advanced Certification in the Program for Excellence in Selling. After college, she pursued a demanding professional career where she was responsible for the growth and development of a $2.2 million territory for the company. Tania has traveled the world, having visited many countries in South America, Europe, and Indian subcontinent. She also spent two months volunteering in Mexico helping the indigenous community.
    In need of a spiritual retreat, when she was 29, Tania visited Siddhayatan Tirth, where she met His Holiness Acharya Shree Yogeesh and was introduced to the Jain Shramanic system. At that point in her life, she was seeking clarity on how to lead a purpose-driven and meaningful life of spiritual growth and serve humanity. During her 7-day retreat under the direct guidance of Acharya Shree, she learned the significance of living a non-violent spiritual life and various forms of sadhana. She was inspired to become vegetarian and after her retreat began a rigorous daily sadhana including reciting the Namokar mantra, doing pranayama, practicing meditation and yoga. 
    After studying and practicing the teachings for over a year at home, traveling to Nepal with her guru, and visiting Siddhayatan Tirth on a monthly basis, she gained more clarity and received her soul’s calling. Tania expressed her desire and realization to become a Sadhvi under Acharya Shree and at the same time he accepted her for training. In February 2013, Tania moved to Siddhayatan Tirth to begin her Sadhvi training.

    Tania's Training & Progress
    Since moving and training at Siddhayatan Tirth for 3 years, she completed her studies of the Dashvaikalik and Uttaradhyan sutras, learned how to read, write and speak basic Hindi, manages ashram affairs including administration, guest relations, social media, graphic design, and recently created an artistic book full of inspiring spiritual quotes by Acharya Shree. In April of this year, she organized four successful events in Mexico where nearly 200 people had the opportunity to meet Acharya Shree and be introduced to the teachings of Tirthankara Mahavira, nonviolence, vegetarianism and the Shramanic teachings for the first time. It was the first time in Mexico’s history a Jain Acharya and Sadhvi visited. 

    Acharya Shree Yogeesh's Words About Tania
    Acharya Shree says, “Tania is a very bright, intelligent, hard-working, humble, respectful, devotional soul, with exceptional spiritual growth. She is ready to take a stunning twist in her life. Her full potential is to help humanity, spread the messages of spirituality, nonviolence, and especially kayotsarga (dhyana). She is ready for Diksha after successfully passing all of her training. Now it is her soul’s special time to take the most important step a human being can ever take.”

    A Beautiful Wish
    Tania wishes to dedicate her life to spreading the teachings of the Tirthankaras and Acharya Shree worldwide. With the full support of her family, she will publicly take Diksha where her heart and soul’s deepest desire will be granted.

    Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, Chelo Máynez (mother), Carolina Máynez (sister), 
    Carlos Peña Máynez (brother), Miles O’Sullivan (monk-in-training), Cody Deveny (monk-in-training), 
    and the entire Siddhayatan Tirth community, invite you to this auspicious ceremony and special occasion.


    [ Friday, July 8 ]
    Mehndi, Bhajans, and Bhavana

    [ Saturday, July 9 ]

    3:00pm - 6:00pm
    Tilak Ceremony with Sangeet & Bhajans
    Pravachan by Acharya Shree Yogeesh
    Pravachan by Sadhvi Siddhali Shree
    Sadhvi Chola (Dress)
    Diksha Paath (Initiation)
    Pratham Sambodhan (Speech by new Sadhvi)
    Dinner & Dessert

    * LOCATION *
    Siddhayatan Tirth
    9985 E Hwy 56, Windom, Tx 75492

    Diksha Ceremony and Dinner are sponsored by dedicated Siddhayatan Tirth members:
    Vanita, Sanjeev Jain and Family of Dallas, Texas. 

    How to Attend

    RSVP by calling (903) 487-0717 or replying to this email (info@siddhayatan.org).
    Include your name, how many family members, and on which date you will attend.







    Kinal Modi
    Public Relations
    Jain Center of Southern California

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