Vaigyanik Mahavir

Posted: 04.07.2016

Mahavir is world's first scientist who synthesized the science into religion and spirituality. Mahavir in 560 BC and Einstein in 1905 AD, both, tried to understand the scientific principle of God. Both believed that the information on the structure of the universe and God exists in the vast infinite space. They independently accessed the same information and discovered the existence of universal consciousness what Mahavir called as "Jivastikaya", Einstein called as "Space-Time" continuum, Hoyal called it as Vacuum Quantum Field and the religious people call it God.

Mahavir is also world's first "Tweeter" who delivered his sermons in short phrases which required lot of explanation. He tweeted "Upneiva-Vigneiva-Dhruveiva and his disciples and the world discovered 'Absolute and Relative Truth'. Inspired by this tweet his disciples wrote fourteen volumes of Purvas and thirty two volumes of Agams and innumerable numbers of scriptures.

In modern time Einstein independently formulated highly complex theory of specific and general relativity and the world realized the power of this three line tweet.


Vaigyanik Mahavir


Dr. M.B. Modi



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