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Posted: 19.08.2016
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Siddhayatan Tirth

LIVE Webcast for 8-days

Paryushan: A Spiritual Celebration

Join Acharya Shree Yogeesh and hundreds around the world for 8-days.

We are celebrating Paryushan, which is a special time where millions of people focus their attention on spirituality and awakening their soul. This is a unique opportunity to learn live from Acharya Shree as he covers topics such as soul awakening, right conduct, right knowledge, meditation, enlightenment, karma, health, well-being, and more.

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August 30 - September 6

Daily Time
8:15am (California)
10:15am (Texas)
11:15am (New York)
 4:15pm (UK)
6:15pm (Estonia)
8:15pm (India)

Webcast is approximately one hour on each day.

Please adjust according to your time zone. 

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