Posted: 28.11.2016
Video All you need to know about blood types and to whom you can donate. Share!! Blood...
Posted: 27.11.2016
Video Arrange Marriage.. Its Changing One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Video The 'cashless' Gujarat village that avoided India's 'cash crunch' Good move....
Posted: 25.11.2016
Video चांदवाड गुफा मंदिर की इस विडीयो में विप्रण सागर जी महाराज सब जानकारी दे रहे हैं Heritage Jain caves in Chanda vada is in threat of conversion. Jain Samaj has to action to save our heritage Jain religious place. Video Ab to had ho gayi... Must watch related with u n ur family...
Posted: 23.11.2016
Video Byblos, a Lebanese restaurant has been giving away food for the needy at its branch in Indiranagar. It keeps food in a fridge outside restaurant, which is free for anyone to take. Aparigraha in real life. Very good initiative by a hotel in Bangaluru. Update 🔆🔆 Proud Gujarati Jain 🔆🔆 Happy birthday Sri Walchand ji Great Industrialist & Founder of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited...
Posted: 22.11.2016
Video, Update Video Beyond the pain - an Olympic legend. Speechless... Is it dedication or determination? Absolutely an example to seek... Video
Posted: 20.11.2016
Video Very good lesson for all the parents about Vitamin "N" from Family psychologist. Please watch once, twice, thrice & more... Share it... for better future generations... Excavation happening at Aretippuru, Maddur Taluk, Mandya District, Karnataka State, South India. Many Jain temples (Basadi) were unearthed. The history of Aretippuru is known to be same or older than history of Shravanabelagola. The...
Posted: 18.11.2016
Video Compassion... Video What I do with Indian Classical and western scores, my genius friend - Mahesh Raghvan is doing the same with Carnatic music and some unconventional genres of music! With iPads, Seaboards and a lot of other cool stuff! Jamming on some Prasanna music in the hotel today! Isn't he awesome? Very creative things in Carnatic music.
Posted: 14.11.2016
Video 5 Healthy Food Swaps To Beat Cravings FULL POST: Eat healthy...
Posted: 14.11.2016
H H Shree Lakshmisena Bhattarakuru Seeking the blessings for H H Acharya Shree Vidyasagaraji Maharaj. His Holiness Swasti Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji of Simhanagadde Jain mutt His Holiness Swasti Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji of Simhanagadde Jain mutt, Narasimharajapura (N R Pura), Karnataka, South India. Funerals ceremony of His Holiness Swasti Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji of Simhanagadde...
Posted: 10.11.2016
Very interesting... Update Video “Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!” ― Jo Franz A truck ran over him when he was 6-year- old. He was hospitalized for six months, where he underwent multiple surgeries. Eventually, because of a sum of Rs. 25,000 that his family could not arrange in time, he lost one of his legs...
Posted: 09.11.2016
Video British PM Theresa May visit Temple on 08-Nov-2016 in IT capital city Bangaluru, Karnataka State, South India. Update These towers can turn China's smog into diamonds. Read more:
Posted: 08.11.2016
Video Very good message for all the parents.
Posted: 07.11.2016
Nandiswara Ashthanika parva begin from Monday 7th November for 8 days. Nandiswara bimba (Image) in Sharavanabelagola Jaina Matha, Hassan District, Karnataka, South India. Update 11th century Jain image found in Shikaripura taluk, Shimoga district, Karnataka State, South India. Very interesting facts in this article. Looks like there are more Jain murthi around the place. Jain community people has to come...
Posted: 07.11.2016
Video Activists lie in a heap of 'bloody' bodies to promote vegan diet
Posted: 05.11.2016
Video Interesting facts about how heavy weight Jain Statue from Pakistan has been carried in flight to India in 1947.
Posted: 04.11.2016
Picture of Gyanamathi Maataji & her sanga in Shravanabelagola. Update Information about Prakritha language. Young Jain Sushanth Kadole performing Mahaveer Thirtankar Mokshakalyaan pooja at Auckland city, New Zealand. Sushant Kadole is from Charitra Chakravarthi Shanthisagar Maraharaj's place Bhoj, Belgum district, Karnataka. Mahaveer Mokshakalyan pooja.
Posted: 03.11.2016
"Siribhoovalaya" written in 800 AD by Jaina monk Sri Kumudendu Muni, guru of Rastrakuta emperor Amoghavarsha 1 of Manyakheta. Update Video Video
Posted: 02.11.2016
Video Video #கண்மணிஅன்போடு #வீணை #GUNAA #KANMANIANBODU #VEENA #KAMALHAASAN #ILAYARAJA magic. Update "Siribhoovalaya" written in 800 AD by Jaina monk Sri Kumudendu Muni, guru of Rastrakuta emperor Amoghavarsha 1 of Manyakheta. Video This incredibly accurate science experiment was centuries ahead of its time.
Posted: 01.11.2016
Video Happy Kannada Rajyostava to all. Master of making petas Staff Correspondent He and his team have to make 150 petas for private Dasara celebrations
Posted: 31.10.2016
Video This medical device should make drawing blood a lot less painful.
Posted: 29.10.2016
Video Could you do yoga at the age of 104? Young by Heart...
Posted: 27.10.2016
Video Fascinating machines! Now let’s automate them all. Update Hello world! A documentary on the economy of India in depth. As I have said earlier, India is not just developing, India is reclaiming... #indianeconomy #economyofindia Update
Posted: 24.10.2016
Ahimsa day event organised by Institute of Jainology at British Parliament house on 18th Oct 2016. ‘Waterman of India’ gets Ahimsa Award | Leading Asian News in the UK Also Read: Russia talks healthcare among BRICS GEN. SUHAG - New Indian Army chief China, Russia Drill in South China Sea Rajendra Singh, the world-renowned water conservationist, wins this year’s Ahimsa Award….reports Asian Lite News...
Posted: 23.10.2016
Video Cancer is becoming a household name. Time to put a halt to this. Time to make the shift. Study finds vegan blood is 8 times more effective at killing cancer cells This study is proving yet another health benefit of eating vegan. Collective Evolution reports that scientists have found that blood taken from vegans is 8 times more effective at killing cancer ce… Video #In2minutes Know about the caste...
Posted: 22.10.2016
Video The 'Dog Lady of New Delhi' spends her days feeding and nursing more than 400 strays. Prani daya - compassion to living beings. As per Jaina literature Saraswathi is named as Shruta Devi.
Posted: 21.10.2016
Video #OMGIndia Companies like Google, Mercedes, and Tesla could take a lesson or two from this guy! #RemoteDriving #WaterFueled #FutureCar
Posted: 18.10.2016
Inspiration for all Young Jains. How Ameera Shah turned her father's single laboratory into a Rs 2000 crore empire Her father asked her a simple question. "Do you want to be an executive or an entrepreneur?" "An entrepreneur," said Ameera Shah. There's been no turning back for her since.
Posted: 14.10.2016
Modi seeks blessings from Acharya Sri Vidyasagarji Video PM Modi seek the blessings of Acharya Sri Vidyasagarji Maharaj.
Posted: 11.10.2016
Video Jinavani putra Sri Dhyansagarji Maharaj's Guru pooja of Sri Vidyasagarji Maharaji. Heritage Jain Murthi unearthed at Kadegaov, Gadhinglaj Taluk, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra.
Posted: 06.10.2016
Video Acharya Sri's message to give up China products.
Posted: 02.10.2016
Gandhi's glasses among incredible haul of belongings from Indian peace campaigner set to fetch £80,000 The soil upon which Indian hero Mahatma Gandhi fell when he was assassinated, as well as his distinctive spectacles, are to be sold by Mullock's auction house in Ludlow, Shropshire, later this month.
Posted: 25.09.2016
Video Young Jains of UK Garba arathi, London. Video Young Jains of UK Garba arathi, London. Video Young Jains of UK Garba event, London.
Posted: 22.09.2016
Video 50 million crabs take over an entire island every year. Respect all the life! Video Here is a wind turbine for your own backyard. Update Auto in London Street.
Posted: 19.09.2016
Video Well done Punekars!! Making way for Ambulance during Ganpati Visarjan at Shagun chowk, Laxmi Road. #Pune #Pune99 Video by TwoBrotherz Production Civilised crowd. Update
Posted: 16.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Kshma Vani Parva We start the Dashalakshan parv with Kshama vani and end the Dashalakshan parv with Kshama Vani. Khamemi savve jive Savve jiva khamantu me Mitti me savve bhuesu Veram majaham na kenai I ask for forgiveness from all living beings; May all living beings grant me forgiveness. My friendship is with all living beings; I have hostility towards none. This is celebrated on the...
Posted: 15.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Tenth day (15/Sep/2016) of Dashalakshna Maha parva is Uttama Brahmacharya (Chastity or celibacy) - To observe the great vow of celibacy; Brahmacharya is derived from the word Brahma - Soul and charya - to dwell but not stopping to get marry. Jain Monks & Nuns follow Celibacy to the highest level (Mahavratha), with complete control over their mind, speech, body and abstain from all the...
Posted: 14.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Ninth day (14/Sep/2016) of Dashalakshna Maha Parva: Uttama Akinchanya Dharma (Non-attachment) - Not to get attach our-self physically & emotionally. Jain Monks follow non-attachment to highest level (Mahavratha), they not only detach themselves to household but also in the process of not to attach Soul from the Physical body. We has a layman (Shravak/Sharvaki) practice (Anuvratha)...
Posted: 13.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Eighth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Tyaga (Renunciation) - To give up all the bad qualities & over possession, which is stopping us in the journey of Moksha. Jain Monks renunciation is at the highest level (Mahavratha), they not only renounce the household but also their clothes. We has a layman (Shravak/Sharvaki) practice (Anuvratha) renunciation by Vyavahara (outside) and...
Posted: 12.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Seventh day of Dashalakshna Maha parva: Uttama Tapa (Penance or Austerities) - Practice austerities to check the worldly allurements (attraction/arousing) both inside & outside. a) This does not mean only fasting but also includes diet habit, first & the foremost thing is to not eat any form of Non veg food at any circumstance throughout the life, then restrict certain food/drink -...
Posted: 11.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Sixth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Sanyam (Self-restraint) - To defend all living beings with utmost power in a cosmopolitan spirit abstaining from all the pleasures provided by the five senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing; and the sixth - mind. 6th day) Self-Restraint - UTTAM SAIYAM Samyaham: Samyaham means to the control of breathing and the six Indiriyas. For the...
Posted: 10.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Fifth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Satya (Truthfulness) - To speak affectionate and just words with a holy intention causing no injury to any living being. 5th day) Truth - UTTAM Saty Satyam: means telling the truth in the company of elders. a) If talking is not required, then do not talk. If it is required then only use the minimum of words, and all must all be absolutely true...
Posted: 09.09.2016
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Fourth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Shaucha (Contentment or Purity) - To keep the body, mind and speech pure by discarding greed. 4th day) Contentment - UTTAM SHAUCH Soucham: Accoding greed and abstaining from possessive longing is called Soucham or purity of thought. The longings that should be got rid off are of 4 different kinds. They are: 1.Jivana Lobha - longing to sustain...

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