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Posted: 09.09.2016

“Om Namah Siddibahyo”
Fourth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Shaucha (Contentment or Purity) - To keep the body, mind and speech pure by discarding greed.
4th day) Contentment - UTTAM SHAUCH

Soucham: Accoding greed and abstaining from possessive longing is called Soucham or purity of thought. The longings that should be got rid off are of 4 different kinds. They are:
1.Jivana Lobha - longing to sustain one’s living.
2. Aroygaya Lobha - longing to sustain one’s health.
3.Upabhoga Lobha - longing to enjoy things, which will be useful to contribute to general happiness.
Each objects will be of two kinds; one pertaining to the self and the one pertains to others. Getting rid of these 8 different types of longing is called Soucham or purity.
a) Be content with the material gains that you have accomplished thus far. Contrary to popular belief, striving for greater material wealth and pleasure will not lead to happiness. Desire for more is a sign that we do not have all that we want. Reducing this desire and being content with what we have leads to satisfaction. Accumulating material objects merely fuels the fire of desire.
b) Contentment or happiness, derived from material objects, is only perceived to be so by a soul in a state of false belief. The fact is that material objects do not have a quality of happiness and therefore happiness cannot be obtained from them! The perception of 'enjoying' material objects is indeed only that - a perception! This perception rewards the soul with only misery and nothing else. Real happiness comes from within, as it is the soul that possesses the quality of happiness.

Note: We request all the members to start Dashalakshan Parva practising (Promise yourself) to speak less, to be calm, to be polite, to be humble, to be good, to be content, to be self control, to be happy, to forgive, to detached from un wanted and practice to continue the same in your daily life.

Jai Jinendra

Tomorrow Fifth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Satya (Truthfulness) - To speak affectionate and just words with a holy intention causing no injury to any living being.

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