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Posted: 11.09.2016

“Om Namah Siddibahyo”
Sixth day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Sanyam (Self-restraint) - To defend all living beings with utmost power in a cosmopolitan spirit abstaining from all the pleasures provided by the five senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing; and the sixth - mind.
6th day) Self-Restraint - UTTAM SAIYAM

Samyaham: Samyaham means to the control of breathing and the six Indiriyas. For the purpose of destroying the Karmas, kindling the spiritual flame by practice of austerity is called Thapas. This is of 12 different kinds.
a) i)Restraining from injury to life - Jains go to great lengths, compared to other world religions, to protect life. This encompasses all living beings, from one-sensed onwards. The purpose of not eating root vegetables is that they contain countless one-sensed beings termed 'nigod'. During Paryushan the Jains also do not eat green vegetables to reduce harm to the lower sensed beings.
ii) Self-restraint from desires or passions - These lead to pain and are therefore to be avoided.
b) i) Restraining injury to the self - This has been elaborated upon in Nischay Kshma Dharma.
ii) Self restraint from desires or passions - Emotions, e.g. likes, dislikes or anger lead to misery and need to be eradicated. They are not part of the true nature of the soul and only arise when the soul is in a state of false belief. The only method to free oneself from these is to contemplate on the true nature of the soul and in the process commence the journey to liberation or moksha.

Note: We request all the members to start Dashalakshan Parva practising (Promise yourself) to speak less, to be calm, to be polite, to be humble, to be good, to be content, to be self control, to be happy, to forgive, to detached from unwanted things and practice to continue the same in your daily life.

Jai Jinendra

Tomorrow Seventh day of Dashalakshna parva: Uttama Tapa (Penance or Austerities) - To practice austerities putting a check on all worldly allurements.


Today is also Dhoopa dashami, offering incense to Sheetalnath Thirtankar.
Queen Madanvathi, who was suffering from bad body odor has performed 10 year noompi (Dhoop Dashami pooja) for the 10th Thirtankar Sheetalnath Swamy to destroy her sin (for disrespecting Jain monk in her previous life).

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