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Posted: 15.09.2016
Updated on: 16.09.2016

“Om Namah Siddibahyo”

Tenth day (15/Sep/2016) of Dashalakshna Maha parva is Uttama Brahmacharya (Chastity or celibacy) - To observe the great vow of celibacy; Brahmacharya is derived from the word Brahma - Soul and charya - to dwell but not stopping to get marry.

Jain Monks & Nuns follow Celibacy to the highest level (Mahavratha), with complete control over their mind, speech, body and abstain from all the pleasures.

We has a layman (Shravak/Sharvaki) practice (Anuvratha) Celibacy by Vyavahara (Worldly life) and Nischya (Spiritual).

Vyavahara (Worldly life): Bharamacharya/celibacy for layman is not avoid marrying but to practice Bharmacharya in the married life.
First and the foremost thing is not to cheat their partner (Husband/Wife), should not have Extramarital affairs or relationships outside of marriage and avoid Child and Old-age marriages, Dowry dominated marriages, Polygamy, verbal & physical abuse of the partner, Use of foul & Vulgar language, vulgar fashions.

Nischya (Spiritual): To have complete control over mind and to check bad thoughts that provokes Sexual addiction or Hypersexuality, preoccupation with sexual fantasy which creates mental instability and lead to disaster. To control the mind one should practice to dwell in your soul is called Uttama Nischay Brahmacharya.
If a person follow Uttama Nischay Brahmacharya then their Vyavahara Brahmcharya will definitely fall in place.

Note: We request all the members to start Dashalakshan Parva practising (Promise yourself) to speak less, to be calm, to be polite, to be humble, to be good, to be content, to be self control, to be happy, to forgive, to detached from unwanted things and practice to continue the same in your daily life.

Jai Jinendra

Tomorrow we celebrate: Kshampana divas (Universal Forgiveness) & Samvatsari (Spiritual new year).


Today (15/Sep/2016)
Ananthanaata Chaturdashi
On the last day of Dashalakshna Maha parva, with complete understanding of Dasha Dharma our heart will brim with good karma & atma try to seek moksha margh.
*Ananthanaata Thirtankar has attained the Moksha with less (limited) time when compare to other Thirtankars,* with same bhav of achieving Moksha, sooner the possible, we offer special prayers to Anantha Thirtankar on the last day of Dashalakshna Maha parva.

If we don't have the opportunity to do any vidan/vrath/nompi on this day.
We can chant *ll Om Shree Ananthanaata Thirtankaraya namaha ll* for *108 times* & offer the prayers to the lotus foot of Ananthanaata Swamy

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