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Posted: 23.09.2016


Samani Vikas Pragya

Samani Maryada Pragya

JVB Houston


JVB Houston celebrated Samanijis Welcome, Concert and Tap abhinandan program in the pious presence of 4 Samanijis, Samani Kusum Pragya ji, Samani Vikas Pragya ji, Samani Pranav Pragya ji and Samani Maryada Pragya ji, on Sunday, Sep. 11th, 2016. 135+ members of JVB community were in full presence to witness a warm and memorable welcome and concert program.

The program started with the auspicious Namaskar Mahamantra by all the four Samanijis. On behalf of entire JVB community, Chairman Shri Swatantra Jain welcomed Samani Kusum Prgyaji and Samani Pranav Pragyaji who came to visit Houston all the way from India after Paryushan celebration in Tulsa. JVB Vice- President, Gaurav Jhaveri was emcee of the program. The program was divided in three parts. The program started with the welcome of visiting Samanijis. Samani Vikas Pragyaji and Samani Maryada Pragyaji gave a warm welcome and introduced them with a beautiful presentation. Arham Bhajan Mandali of JVB welcomed Samaniji with a song.

Gaurav Jhaveri also gave a brief welcome speech on behalf of his EC team. He invited Samani Maryada Pragyaji to take charge of the Concert program. Melodious Bhakti and Upadeshatmak songs were sung by Samani Kusum Pragyaji, Samani Vikas Pragyaji and Samani Pranav Pragyaji which mesmerized everyone’s mind. People were spellbound in an atmosphere of spiritual, soulful and blissful music. Samani Kusum Pragyaji remarked the importance of Dharma and tapasya in one’s life. She stated that the Jvb premises is very blissful and people if JVB are very lucky to have 10 months Samaniji to guide spiritual Practices.

The last part of the program was all about Tap Abhinandan. Gaurav Jhaveri presented the data of tapasya during Paryushan by each family such as Upvas, Bela, Tela, Ekashan, Biyashana and Atthai. JVB Gayanshala Coordinator’s Kajal Jain and Jigisha Doshi motivated and appreciated the young gyanshala tapsvis who made everyone proud by filling the Aradhana sheet with Great Spirit of Spirituality. Mr. Piyush Mehta sponsored gifts for the kids. JVB Board of Directors, Swatantra Jain, Alok Jain, Raman Patel and Pramod Bengani handed gifts to the kids and congratulated them for their dedication and tapasya.



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