24.09.2016 ►JCSC ►Param Pujya Acharya Premsuri Maharaj Saheb passed away

Posted: 27.09.2016

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Light Of Universe Jainism - Acharya Shri Premsuriji Maharaj Saheb has left his Parthiv Deh for Swargarohan   


Param Pujya Gachhadhipati, Acharya Shri Premsuriji Maharaj Saheb, Light Of Universe Jainism, has left His Parthiv Deh for Swargarohan.

Param Pujya  Acharya Premsuri Maharaj Saheb passed away (Kaldharm) on Bhadra Vad 9, Saturday, Sept 24 at 12:18 AM IST at Walkeshwar, Mumbai. His Palkhi Yatra was on Sunday, Sept 25, 2016 at 2:00 pm. He did Anjanshalaka for our Murtis at Shankeshwar Tirth. With His blessings JCSC was able to solve any Shastra related query.

We pray to the Tirthankars that His soul may rest in eternal peace.

Chadava details:

Agni Sanskar No Chadhavo - Rs 11,11,11,111/.  5 Bhakts have contributed for this Chadhavo.

  • Palkhi ma Besadvana - Rs 45.45 lakhs
  • Antim Guru Pujan - Rs 36.36 lakhs
  • Vilepan - Rs 27.27 lakhs
  • Kamli Odhadvana - Rs 27.27 lakhs
  • Jamni Baju Kandh - Rs 21.21 lakhs
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