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Under the spiritual guidance of Samanijis


JVBNA Online Classroom


4th Quarterly Segment of Jainism 101

Shad Dravya 101


October 1, 2016


The classes will be conducted by Samani Dr. Satya Pragyaji and Samani Dr. Rohini Pragyaji, disciples of Acharyashri MahashramanSamani Satya Pragyaji holds a PhD in Philosophy and is an associate professor at the Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute (JVBI), Ladnun in the department of Nonviolence & Peace. Samani Rohini Pragyaji also holds a PhD in Philosophy and is an assistant professor at JVBI in the same department. Both Samanijis are extremely learned, extensively traveled, and well published. They are great orators and have years of teaching experience.

Jainism 101 is designed to be released over a year to cover 4 main segments in 4 quarters of 2016 –

Q1 - Jeev 101 - Jan-Mar
Q2 - Ajeev 101 - Apr-Jun
Q3 - Nav Tattva 101 - Jul-Sep
Q4 - Shad Dravya 101 - Oct-Dec

It is well known that fountain of canonical knowledge emerged from Bhagwan Mahavir Swami’s Tripadi  - Upanne e va, vigame e va, dhruve e va. Upcoming 4th segment will focus on Jain ontology, insight of six universal substances, understanding qualities, modes, cognition, analysis and interpretation from various angles. The segment will end with understanding practical application of the concepts learned during the year.

Shad Dravya 101 will run for 13 weeks from October 1 to December 31, 2016. This course will be conducted online in self-study mode using audio-video technology along with monthly quizzes and end of segment assessment. Relevant reading material will also be provided. Participants will get chance to have their doubts cleared by Samanijis and interact with fellow students on the openlearning portal. 
Primary language of instruction - Hindi
Suggested donation - $50 per segment
Classes are open to interested participants of any age and any location.
Previous Segments - Jeev101, Ajeev101 & Nav Tattva101 - of Online classroom are also available to interested participants. One can still enroll to access the course, do self-study and obtain certificate of completion.

Participants already registered for all 4 segments will be automatically enrolled to Shad Dravya 101.
For more information, contact JVBNA center at 732-404-1430 or send an email to onlineclass(at)jvbnj.org


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