Posted: 10.10.2016

One-sensed being-

  1. The Jīva (soul) possessed of only one sense-organ of touch, e.g., earth-bodied (Jīva), water-bodied (Jīva) etc..

ekamindriyaṃ- karaṇaṃ sparśanalakṣaṇamekendriya......pṛthivyādayaḥ.

(Sthā 5.204 Vṛ Pa 319)

  1. Since only one sense-organ can be used at a time, even living beings, having five sense-organs, are deemed to be one-sensed being from the view point of use in the present moment.

egeṇa ceva tamhā uvaogegiṃdio savvo.

(Vibhā 2998)


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