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Posted: 21.10.2016

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Jai Jinendra

With only 2 open spots in the STEM (7-12 yr) and 4 in Vocal Adult classes, enrollment went well last weekend for Enrichment classes. We also have a great response for the Art and Dance classes. Please send in your Enrollment form as soon as possible so we can plan better. 

We want to assure all that MJK practice and rehearsals will not conflict with the classes. No practices will be scheduled during the 1:30-2:30 class time and there will be no class on rehearsal and audition days.

Please CLICK HERE for more details on the classes.

Please CLICK HERE for the enrollment form.

Please send the enrollment form to:enrichment@jaincenter.org 
or mail it to JCSC, 8072 Commonwealth Ave., Buena Park, CA 92782
We will email you conformation of your enrollment in the first week of November

Classes will begin November 6th, 2016 and will be held every Pathshala day with some exception.

Please contact Jayanaben Shah on 714-856-4256 for any further inquiries. 







Kinal Modi
Public Relations
Jain Center of Southern California

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