Posted: 16.11.2016
Updated on: 17.11.2016

1.That ascetic, who had acquired the knowledge of the scriptures and their meanings (purport) in the past, but does not retain it in the present.

kṛtayogī nāma yaḥ pūrvamubhayadharaḥ āsīt nedānīm.

(VyaBhā 2335 Vṛ Pa 9)

2.An elder (ascetic) having the knowledge of the Chedasūtras (four canonical works, viz., Niśitha, Vyavahāra, Kalpa, Daśā)), both of the text as well as its meaning (purport).

krtayogī sūtrato'rthataśca chedagranthadharah sthavirah.

(VyaBhā 2369 Vṛ Pa 16)

3.That ascetic (Muni), who has sanctified (or sublimated) his soul several times by under­taking severe penances.

krtayogo nāma karkaśatapobhiranekadhā bhā- vitātmā.

(VyaBhā 538 Vṛ Pa 27)

· Kṛtayogya


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