Posted: 21.11.2016

Black Leśyā (psychic colour)- The first amongst the six kinds of Leśyā; (it is the most powerful inauspicious Leśyā);

  1. The inauspicious flow of Bhāva (1) (disposition at subtle state of consciousness)- A type of radiation emanating from the soul at a very subtle level of consciousness, which makes the soul prone to cruel emotions.

niddhaṃdhasapariṇāmo nissaṃso ajiiṃdio. eyajogasamāutto kiṇhalesaṃ tu pariṇame...

(U 34.22)

  • Bhāvaleśyā.
  1. The Pudgalas (material clusters) of black- colour which become instrumental in creation of disposition of Kṛṣṇa-leśyā.
  • Dravyaleśyā.


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