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Posted: 22.12.2016


Terapanth Professional Forum Raipur

2016.12.18 TPF Raipur. Workshop on “Life after Demonetization” 01

Terapanth professional forum Raipur Branch has successfully organized a programme on "Life after Demonetization" on 18th December, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. at Vrindavan Hall, Civil Lines, Raipur (C.G.).

The programme started with chants of the Navkar Mantra followed by Manglacharan by Terapanth Mahila Mandal. CA Ritu S. Jain, being the President of East Zone defined the purpose and outline of the programme. The programme was conducted in two sessions, first being on the topic “Life after Demonetization” and second being the “question and answer round”.

The First session was chaired by CA Ritu S. Jain and the panel of experts comprising the most eminent disciplines viz. Renowned Counsellors Shri Shailendra Shukla, Director of CREDA, Shri. Kamal Kishore Sarda, MD of Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited and Shri. M. M. Upadhyay, Chairman of ICAI, Raipur Branch. The Guest of Honour of the programme was Shri. Rajeev Khera, Circle Head of PNB Raipur and Shri. B. S. Sahaya, Director of IIM Raipur was the Chief Guest.

2016.12.18 TPF Raipur. Workshop on “Life after Demonetization” 02

Shri. Rajeev Khera spoke on the “Role of business in bringing economy back to its track”. He also emphasized on promoting cashless transactions for which it is necessary to make the population aware of banking norms & practices. He said that to reverse the economic slowdown, the new government needs to focus on infrastructural development. He further told about the application with which Punjab National Bank has come up for easy and cashless transactions for one and all.

Shri. B.S. Sahaya, showcased the topic, “Moving from non-organized to organized business practice”. He addressed the public saying that Changes are not accepted easily, we have to face hardships & difficulties in the beginning for a better future. This is the same with Demonetization. Instead of beginning with an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats structural changes need to start with what we call a decision audit. He also highlighted that, with an initial Inflation phase, the prices will definitely come down in the long run and there will be more rooms for RBI to reduce interest rates which in return will boost the Indian economy.

Shri. Shailendra Shukla, emphasized about “Government’s initiatives in curbing corruption and malpractices”. He said that demonetization is an effective tool to control corruption, black money and various malpractices. So, demonetization was needed for the safety and the security of the nation. Even if it means inconvenience and hardships, this had to be done for development and the integrity of the nation.

Shri. Kamal Kishore Sarda, addressed on “Impact on industries - Revival from the Economic Impact”. He said that the key objective of Demonetization is to prevent the Indian money from going outside the country. He also said that Indian economy is going through a bad phase. Sweeping economic reforms are need of hours to pull back economy from clutches of Black money. It is commendable that in such a short span of time, Modi Government has identified the reasons why economy is in bad scenario. At the same time government has taken right steps to bring Indian economy back on track.

2016.12.18 TPF Raipur. Workshop on “Life after Demonetization” 03

Shri. M. M. Upadhaya, shared his views on “Role of Information Technology in ease of Business”. He gave voice to Digitalization - Until now, digital disconnect has been a major challenge in India, as many have preferred transacting in cash instead of making use of bank transactions, E-wallet etc. But Demonetization has led to connect Indians through digital media. Digitalization, is an opportunity which is opening up the ways to go digital and boost the progress of the economy. He also emphasised on “Digital Literacy”

Smt. Ritu S. Jain, enlightened on “Moving ahead with success after Demonetization.” She told that at present only 4% of Indian population is taxpaying population and TDS is being deducted only from 2% of the population. That is why the tax rate is so high in India. But with Demonetization, the number of tax payers will increase, resulting in low tax rate. She also said that we should support the government in building a better & tax-free India.

The second session was of question and answer round on the topics covered by the speakers as well on the current economic situations. Various questions were raised from the youth as well. The faculties answered the various questions raised by the audience.

The programme was beautifully anchored by Mrs. Mona Bafna and Ms. Varsha Barlota. The programme was well co-ordinated by Kailash Jain, Surendra Jain, Rajat Pokrna, Pawan Baid, Ritu Pokrna and other TPF Members. The programme ended with a vote of thanks to all the dignified faculty members by Shri. Avinash Jain, President, TPF, Raipur branch. The programme was a great success and it was attended by approx 150 participants.

2016.12.18 TPF Raipur. Workshop on “Life after Demonetization” 04

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