15.01.2017 ►Jalgaon ►Bhaktamar Stotra Jap Under Guidance of Muni Jinesh Kumar

Posted: 18.01.2017
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Jalgaon: 15.01.2017

Muni Jinesh Kumar guided layperson of Jalgaon to do chanting of first stanza of Bhaktamal. 69 couples and 71 single person took part in it. Muni shree described that Acharya Mangunga gave a beautiful and devotional poem to us. IChanting of it fill atmosphere with purity.

Muni Jinesh Kumar

Song by Mahila Mandal

Chanting of Bhaktamar

Jap and Samayik


Hindi Report

Hindi Report

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