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jagaraha nara niccarm
jagaramanassa vaddhate vuddhi
jo suvati na so dhnno
jo jaggati so saya dhonno

Keep your self always awake. One who keeps awake increases his wisdom. One who falls asleep is not great. Blessed is one who keeps awake.






From Acharya Mahashraman


Roj Ki Ek Salaah
Staying silent for two or three hour is beneficial but it is even better to speak only when there is a purpose.
Regular Sessions

Preksha Meditation - By Appointment only
Tuesdays  - 7:30PM - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center


Thursdays - 7:30PM  - 8:30PM - JVBNA Iselin Center

Youth Forum

3rd Friday of every month - 7PM - 9PM - JVBNA Iselin center

Gyanshala & Gyanshala North

Two Sundays every month - 3:30PM - 6PM - Franklin Temple Classrooms, & Englewood, NJ



Reason and pacification

One man asked, "Can the habit of anger be changed?" I said, "It's possible" he asked, "How is this possible? How can a habit be changed?" those who believe in permanence say nothing ever changes with the soul. From the fluxist's point of view everything can be changed, nothing remains. If the third eye does not open then anger can never be controlled. Why does one get angry? Now this is a good question.Those who believe in circumstances will say it is circumstantial.There are such situations, such circumstances in the world, which one cannot help but get angry then there arises no question of pacifying it. We will first have to change the circumstances.Then automatically there will be no anger. In this world there can be a situation which is not influenced by circumstances. If one circumstance changes, five new ones will be created.circumstances can never come to an end. Problems can never be uprooted.

Excerpts from "ANEKANTA, THE THIRD EYE" By Acharya Mahaprajna




JVBNA Upcoming Programs 2017 




Center activities will continue as scheduled, until Samaniji's return from India.

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