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Posted: 19.02.2017

2016.12.02 Ahimsa Yatra 15 Ahimsa Yatra of Acharya Mahashraman



Ahimsa Yatra reached Thakurganj (Bihar, India). Merciful His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman did not worry about the difficult way for blessing the devotees and enlightening the people with three Motives of Ahimsa Yatra - Morality, Humility and De-addiction. A huge number of lay followers accompanied the Vihar and engrossed in the Prime Sermon.
His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman preached in today's Prime Sermon that, Nepal and Bihar are connected together during this Ahimsa Yatra we met people of Nepal as well as Bihar. An ascetic should not have affection towards any place or anyone. He should be granitic.


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