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Posted: 27.02.2017
Updated on: 28.02.2017


#Syadavda literally means the method of examining different probabilities. #Solution_Of_Disputes💡Everyone knows that lot of disputes arise on account of difference of opinions. People generally believe that whatever they think is right. They therefore tend to oppose any view that does not agree with theirs. Even a slight analysis of such disputes would indicate that there might be partial truth in the apparrently opposing views and the parties to the dispute might be merely stressing their views from different angles.

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Exclusive Live Photograph @ Bina-Barah आहारचर्या.. आचार्य विद्यासागर जी:) 💡 पेज ने 60,000 LIkes cross करलिए हैं 🙂 bongo.. #AcharyaVidyasagar #Jainism

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