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Posted: 10.03.2017

This is an English translation of Late Acharya Mahapragya's valuable book "Amantrana Arogya ko" every one desires to be healthy both mentally and physically. Then only one can be happy and contented.

Health of mind and health of body are interrelated. Both are the desirable goals of a balanced life. In the present age of strife health has become a coveted goal. Prevention is better than cure. So, it is needed that we prevent the possible occurrence of disease. Very often we suffer from physical and mental ailments. For physical ailment, we go to a doctor for cure. But for mental ailments only cultivation of a positive mind is helpful. For this we go to a spiritual Gurus and seek their advice. This can be done by personal interaction with them or by reading their books.

The present book is an excellent guide for being at ease and not to be diseased. It is an outcome of lifelong experiences and reflections of a holy saint. Interspersed with live stories and examples it makes a lucid reading, but more than that it is very much useful. It will certainly be rewarding to a seeker of health and happiness to read it and go by its precepts. The book is meant for the whole humanity whoever aspires to be happy.

S.R. Bhatt
Former Professor and Head of Philosophy Department
Delhi University

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