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Posted: 10.03.2017

01.03 Tannisargādadhigamādvā






वह (सम्यग्दर्शन) निसर्ग अर्थात परिणाम मात्र से अथवा अधिगम अर्थात उपदेशादि बाह्य निमित्त से उत्पन्न होता है।


The right perception arises naturally or by acquisition.

This sutra says how the right perception arises. That perception is not to be gained from outside sources; it is inherent within the soul and can arise by getting rid of the wrong approach. Every one needs to endeavor for that. Undertaking of the endeavor for that purpose is Purushārtha.

Some beings have made that endeavor in earlier lives. As such, they are imbibed with right discernment by birth. That i; termed as natural rise of right perception; those beings are therefore not required to make effort for that purpose in the present life. But there are very few persons, who come in that category. For instance, Tirthankars are born with right perception; that capability is brought forth from their previous lives. The same logic is applicable in those cases, where it arises by virtue of some sudden impact. In their case the perception, which they had brought forth, lay dormant till getting that impact. In either of these cases, the souls concerned must have made the endeavor during the earlier lives.

The other alternative is to gain it by learning, by developing capability for the purpose. It requires conscious efforts to gain the right perception. That is termed as adhigam. The great majority of the people fall in that category. Most people are born without any accomplishment. They have to strive for achieving the same. Those, who endeavor, succeed in gaining the right perception; while those, who do not, stay bereft of it. They are not aware of their potentialities and stay stuck with wrong approach, which is called mithyatva.

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