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Posted: 17.03.2017

01.17 Arthasya



अर्थस्य ।


अवग्रह, ईहा, अवाय, धारणा - ये चारों मतिज्ञान अर्थ (वस्तु) को ग्रहण करते है।


The sense organs know an object by its properties and modes.

Every object can have many properties by which it can be known. All of them cannot be comprehended by one single organ. For instance, when eyes see an apple, they see its shape, size and color. The apple has, however, other properties like taste and flavor, which can be experienced by tongue and nose. Whether it is hard or soft can be made out by touching it and its nourishing property can be experienced by digesting system and so on. Total concept of an object can thus be grasped by knowing all its properties and modes.



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