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Posted: 13.03.2017


JAINA Convention 2017


Jai Jinendra!

JAINA Convention 2017 registration is going on in full swing. As per registration data, we can say that there is an enthusiasm from all age groups and all over the world. Children and youth (age 6 to 13) are registering for Kids Club and Youth Activities whereas young adults (age 21 to 42) are opting in for Jain Milan and Young Jain Professional sessions. Residents of US, Canada, India, UK, Singapore, etc. have registered to attend convention. There is lots of enthusiasm to attend convention and some people want to volunteer for areas of their interest. By looking at the trend it seems that this may be the largest convention in terms of number of attendees for JAINA conventions so far. Registration prices go up when we reach published milestones so we encourage people to register early and save money.

In our series of Cultural programmes JAINA Convention board has organized a stunning performance of a young dance Ayushi Haria. She would be performing Bharatnatyam depicting an event in life of Bhagwan Mahavir.

Bhagwan Mahavir was a prince by birth and had many worldly pleasures, comforts, and services at his command. But at the age of thirty, he left his family and royal household and gave up his worldly possessions, to become a sadhu in search of a solution to eliminate pain, sorrow, and sufferings. This song depicts the rigorous harassment that Sangam Dev did on Bhagwan Mahavir and how Bhagwan Mahavir remained calm, merely showing his compassion towards Sangam Dev. Sangam Dev used upsargs like sandstorm, deadly insects and birds, cobra, wild elephants and a beautiful maiden to break Bhagwan Mahavir’s meditation. In the end, Sangam Dev realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness. Bhagwan Mahavir, as usual was compassionate towards Sangam Dev and forgave him. Ayushi, using different mudras and enacting different characters in the scene will depict the entire event in this performance.

Ayushi Haria, a resident of Chester Springs, PA is a multi talented and very versatile person. Ayushi Haria has been doing classical Bharatanatyam dance for last 7 years and she completed her aarangetram last summer at age of 15.

Convener, JAINA Convention 2017

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