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Posted: 24.03.2017

01.31 Ekadini Bhājyāni Yugpadekasminnāchaturbhyah



एकादीनि भाज्यानि युगपदेकस्मिन्नाचतुर्भ्य: ।


एक आत्मा में एक से लेकर चार तक ज्ञान विकल्प से - अनियत रूप से होते है।                       


One to four types of knowledge can be held by a soul.

When one holds only one type, it has to be Kevaljnān (omniscience), because there is no scope for other types in that state. Two types relate to Matijnān and Shrutjnān (sensory and scriptural knowledge). Even the minute beings hold an infinitesimal part of those two types. Three types relate to either sensory, scriptural and clairvoyance or sensory, scriptural and mind reading capability. Four types relate to all types except omniscience.

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