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Posted: 24.03.2017

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Jai Siddhatma!!

Happy March, fellow Truth Seekers! As you transition into spring, it's so important to continue to follow through with the intentions that you set at the beginning of the new year. Staying on the spiritual track requires discipline, self-motivation, self-kindness, and lots of energy. Inspiration without action is merely a set of ideas. Put effort. Schedule time to give yourself some happy space. Stay true to your soul's deepest wish, liberation.

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"Spirituality is practicality. Practical means you need to practice something, not just listen or read. You have to put effort into it. If you want the benefit and results of anything, you have to do a little bit of work. Practice makes a person perfect. Once people practice, they will feel like their lives are transforming and they’re becoming totally different people. You want to transform your life; how do you do it? With flow and balance."


March 26, 2017 | SATSANG (Texas) | 2:00-4:00pm

You are invited to join Siddhayatan Tirth to a wonderful afternoon of chanting, spiritual learning, inspiration, and community.
April 9, 2017 | MAHAVIR JAYANTI (California)
Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree and Sadhvi Anubhuti are traveling to California to lead the Mahavir Jayanti California event on April 9th at the Yogeesh Ashram center in Riverside, Ca. For address information, email info@siddhayatan.org. 
April 16, 2017 | MAHAVIR JAYANTI (Texas) | 11:30am-1:30pm
Join us at Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat to celebrate Mahavir Jayanti. Tirthankar Mahavir was a revolutionary enlightened master who was the catalyst for the non-violence movement. This event includes mantras, spiritual discourses, and lunch.
Reply to this email to RSVP for the events.
REMEMBER: All are welcome to attend our events! Donations are appreciated. If you would like to volunteer a vegetarian/eggless dish or snack for these events, send an email to info@siddhayatan.org. 



STOPPING TRAFFIC, a feature documentary produced by Siddhayatan Tirth to raise awareness about human trafficking and inspire action to end it, was recently featured in an Associated Press article, which made national and international news. On March 11th, Stopping Traffic screened publicly for the first time at the Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston, where it was given the Best Picture award. 

Though not publicly released, the film is beginning to make waves in the anti-trafficking movement. Since the article was released, many organizations, trafficking agencies, schools, and small ngos from around the world are seeking to use the film to train their local community.
STOPPING TRAFFIC is a non-profit film. Proceeds from the film will go towards awareness campaigns, 3 shelters and to support a private rescue team.
To donate to the STOPPING TRAFFIC movement, CLICK HERE.




Mexico's Top Leading Trafficking Activist, Rosi Orozco, Visits Siddhayatan and the Stopping Traffic Team


Rosi Orozco is the enemy to the traffickers in Mexico. She helped pass the first legislation in Mexico to protect victims and punish traffickers. Her fighting spirit and high energy are palpable. During a brief US trip, she visited Siddhayatan to meet with the team who interviewed her last year for the Stopping Traffic film. She had the opportunity to meet with Acharya Shree and receive a blessing of protection.
To support her efforts, follow her on Twitter.




IGNITE YOUR PATH: How to live in the present moment.
The mind is often the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path. It causes worry, anxiety, depression and distraction. When you live in the present moment, it means you are fully balanced and with soul. Watch video to learn how to be in the present moment.




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Spend the week or weekend at Siddhayatan helping us with our daily projects. Every hand is very helpful and a great opportunity to practice seva (selfless service).




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