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Posted: 27.04.2017

04.21 Sthitiprabhavsukhdyutileshyāvishuddheendriyā-vadhivishayato'dhikāh



स्थितिप्रभावसुखद्युतिलेश्याविशुद्धीन्द्रियावधिविषयतोऽधिकाः ।


स्थिति, प्रभाव, सुख, द्युति, लेश्याविशुद्धि, इन्द्रियविषय और अवधिविषय की ऊपर-ऊपर के देवों में अधिकता होती है।



04.22 Gatishareerparigrahābhimānato Hinah



गतिशरीरपरिग्रहाभिमानतो हीना: ।


गति, शरीर, परिग्रह और अभिमान की ऊपर-ऊपर के डिवॉन में हीनता होती है।





At higher levels the life span is longer, authority is greater, happiness is higher, bodies are more lustrous, aura is purer, sense gratification is subtler and clairvoyance is higher. Their movement is less, body-size is smaller, belongings are fewer and ego is lower.

The position of Vaimānik beings at the higher levels is superior in the wholesome respects and lower in the unwholesome ones. Higher the level, longer the life span, greater the authority, superior the happiness, more lustrous the bodies, purer the aura, subtler the sense gratification and higher the degree of clairvoyance. Those in the higher realms thus live longer, have greater authority, avail more happiness, are more lustrous, have purer aura, have subtler sense gratification and hold higher level of clairvoyance. On the other hand, their tendency to make movement is lower, the bodies are smaller, belongings are fewer and ego is lower. It is also said that their respiration is less frequent, food-intake is lower, degree as well as frequency of the uncomfortable situations is lower and the locations, where they can be reborn, are fewer.

The contents of these sutras would be of significance even to those, who do not believe in existence of celestial abodes. They can consider the celestial realms as commensurate to the levels of spiritual elevation. The higher one reaches, the more blissful, the more enlightened, the purer he becomes, while his unwholesome tendencies turn downward.


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