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JAINA Convention 2017

Jai Jinendra!

JAINA Convention Board is extremely pleased to bring various prominent Scholars and Speakers for our upcoming Convention in July 2017 at Convention Center in Edison, NJ. We would have brain storming sessions on our theme of "Jainism and Science". JAINA is honored to have them join us as distinguished speakersConvention team is preparing around the clock to give you the best experience with various Daytime Programs.

To Register visit http://convention.jaina.org


Convener, JAINA Convention 2017


Below are some of the world renowned speakers and there are several others we will highlight in upcoming JAINA Convention emails also.


Shri Abhay Firodia, President of Veerayatan and recipient of the “Jain Ratna” Award at the hands of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India will be the keynote speaker at the convention. Another featured speaker at the convention is Dr. Kanti Mardia from the UK who has done years of research and published books on Jainism and Science.

Spiritual dignitaries, scientists and professionals from all corners of the world will showcase how Jain principles, values and heritage have numerous links to science. They will elaborate on the ways in which Jainism had an understanding of today’s environmental challenges, and of science, centuries ago.


Vishva Vibhuti, Karuna Ratna Award, “Surya Ratna”- The Saint of Modern India, Suryadatta National Life Time Achievement Award (2017) winner for her exemplary services to all forms of life and recipient of many wonderful awards including JAINA Presidential Award in the past with outstanding recognition for her lifelong dedication in service to mankind in the field of Health, Education, Non Violence, Compassion.

Acharyashri formed a non-profit, non-governmental organization called Veerayatan (The Holy Land of the Enlightened Souls). The organization’s pillars are simple: through “Seva” (service to humanity), “Shiksha” (education), and “Sadhana” (self-development), Acharya Shri and her team will go on to change so many lives and alleviate human suffering regardless of gender, race, or religion. If you would like to meet her in person, why not join us in JAINA Convention. What an opportunity to meet such a great and vibrant leader who has transformed so many communities and empowered hundreds of thousands of people…”Mother Teresa of India”.


Inspiring young and energetic Rahul Kapoor received outstanding awards such as “Man with a Vision” Award by Vishwa Dharma Chetana Manch, India. Outstanding Young Persons of India Award by Junior Chamber International and Award for Excellence by Jain International Trade Organization...brings life changing passion and transformation in over 100,000 lives also will be with us at our Convention

He will share his success secrets with those who need them most. Inspired by Dr. Abdul Kalam, Kapoor went on to establish a charitable trust called "Ignite India Initiative" to train and inspire 500,000 youth in India and also launched Jain Youth Leadership Forum (JYLF) to spread the thinking of non-violence among young Jains. Rahul Kapoor talks on areas of peak performance, teamwork and also conducts sessions for senior leaders at many corporations. He addresses youngsters on the subjects of goal setting skills and value based living.


Sadhvi Sanghamitraji is a Jain Sadhvi (nun), who follows the spiritual path inspired by the work of her mentor, Acharya Shri Chandanaji of Veerayatan. Her life is now totally devoted to the reformist and ground breaking work being undertaken by Acharya Shri Chandanaji, widely acknowledged visionary and forward thinking leader who has been successful in instituting change.

Sadhvi Sanghamitraji has been instrumental in implementing Veerayatan’s vision of inspiring, empowering and beautifying lives. Sadhvi Sanghamitraji is deeply involved in many new initiatives at Veerayatan. She has started Veerayatan Global to spread the message of Veerayatan worldwide and act as a conduit to share achievements and best practices. She is actively involved in the Veerayatan Schools Project to build schools at all Jain pilgrimage sites which inculcate moral values in children including most recently at Palitana, the foremost Jain site for pilgrims. She travels extensively to the USA to give talks and spread the tenets of Jainism. Her friendly nature, her fluency in English, her experience of living in the USA and her ability to bring out the potential in others means she is well equipped to bring an added dimension to the sessions at JAINA Convention.


Vision: "To devote my time and efforts towards helping youth to discover themselves and to unleash their full potential.” Sajan Shah is known as “India’s Youngest Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Memory Man of India”

Sajan Shah, is a young, energetic motivational speaker and transforming lives is his mission. His passion is to help people reach self-realization and create extra-ordinary changes in their lives so that they can unleash their hidden and dormant potential. Helping his learners to convert their dreams into reality is his most fulfilling reward. His seminars are filled with thrill, fun and passion where there's never a dull moment. Attendees actively participate and gain practical lessons instead of just "listening", because Sajan strongly believes that "Knowledge is useless if you don't use it.” This makes his seminars highly result oriented and help people experience an instant shift in perspective by setting definite goals and objectives. They get strategies, tools and a clearly defined path to personal fulfillment, success and happiness. Sajan's electrifying speeches arrest the attention of his listeners with his strong messages and unique style. Through his life transforming seminars and programs, he has touched the lives of more than 900,000 people including students, professionals and housewives.


His Holiness Acharya Shri Roop Chandraji Maharaj the President of Manav Mandir Mission Trust “Man of the Year” by American Biographical Institute and was the recipient of the honor by Amity Humanity Foundation and National AIDS Control Organization.

He joined Jain Order (Jain Muni Diksha) in 1952 by Acharya Shree Tulsi. Besides being a renowned academician, philosopher, writer and a poet he is also a scholar of Jain studies of great repute and comparative studies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity.

In rendering services to humanity and promoting peace, non-violence and spiritual values he has travelled over 50,000 kilometers on-foot throughout India and Nepal and also frequently travels to USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and other countries.


The President of India and several other international organizations for his outstanding public service and Yoga programs have honored Yogi Arun. You will be able to learn firsthand several latest techniques of Yoga in easy to relate sessions if you join JAINA Convention.

Yogi Arun Tiwari is a disciple of His Holiness Acharya Roopchandraji Maharaj and has been learning all facets of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam and Spiritual Knowledge from Acharyaji for the last 20 years. He practices and teaches physical, spiritual and mental forms of yoga to achieve oneness with the nature and surrounding environment. Yogi Arunji has conducted Yoga camps and classes for thousands of people in India and several other countries like Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Sweden, and other European countries. He was invited to conduct programs at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, in August 2013.

Using his techniques the practitioners can work in a way that fits their lifestyle and start seeing the benefits, in many cases within a few hours from the start. Many practitioners have been able to eradicate or diminish the impact of serious diseases by following the Yoga exercises taught by Yogi Arun. Yogi Arun has Conducted Special Yoga & Meditation Program for Army at Army Head Quarter, North India

Transportation will be provided from the Newark Airport (EWR) to JAINA approved hotels on June 30, 2017 and from the same hotels to the Newark airport (EWR) on July 4, 2017 only. No transportation will be provided from any other airports or train stations. Transportation from JAINA approved hotels to hotels, convention center and Ellora Halls will be provided at scheduled time. You should send your request to transportation2017[at]jaina.org.

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