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Posted: 12.05.2017

05.05 Ākāshādekdravyāni



आssकाशादेकद्रव्याणि ।


उक्त पाँच में से आकाश तक के द्रव्य (धर्मास्तिकाय, अधर्मास्तिकाय एवं आकाशस्तिकाय) तक के द्रव्य एक-एक हैं।


05.06 Nishkriyāni Cha



निष्क्रियाणि च ।


तथा निष्क्रिय है ।




The first three are single and indivisible substances; they are inactive.

Dharma, Adharma and Ākāsh are indivisible. Each of them constitutes a single, homogenous body. The indivisibility means that their parts cannot be separated. Moreover, these substances prevail everywhere in the universe. Here universe does not mean the space. The space is infinite. Within that space there is an area, where there is the existence of Dharma and Adharma. That area is called Lokākāsh (cosmic universe) and that constitutes a fraction of the total space.

Moreover, these three substances are inactive. The activity is of two types. One pertains to the changes or alterations taking place within a substance. That is called Parinaman, which is continually going on within every substance. No substance is devoid of that activity. The other activity relates to movement from one place to another. Jeev and Pudgal are mobile; they can move from place to place. Dharma, Adharma and Akāsh are immobile. They are stable; as such they are termed here as inactive.




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