Importance of Science of Living : Anuvrat, in the modern Education system

Posted: 19.05.2017
Updated on: 12.06.2017

Importance of Science of Living: Anuvrat, in the modern Education system

The aim of education system is to impart humility to all so that so called educated human is full of compassion towards downtrodden, animals, insects, plants, rivers or even mountains.  The larger goal on the education system is to liberate human beings from all the sufferings that’s too at the permanent basis at the individual level, and society at large. Right goal, right role models, right teachers and guides, along with the balanced course curriculum are at the root of such an ideal desired educational system in the present scenario. As present human beings have now become old and decrepit which needs to be repaired or rebuilt [1]. Now the requirement is to train every one for accomplishing the right goal by rightful means of earnings, through right knowledge and model code of conduct. Emphasis is on respect for all women, care & compassion for the animals and downtrodden, adulation for the great human personels.  It is seen that individuals and society under a system of tight control seems attractive to many but enable to make them successful (i.e., healthy - mentally, emotionally or spiritually), and hence honest from within. Economical development, lust and materialism in itself cannot bring peaceful or harmonious life to individual and society. But balanced development of labor, wealth, infrastructure and self-restraints through ANUVRAT may result in desire results.  The Jeevan Vigyan [2] course curriculam as developed under the apt supervision of Acharya Tulsi and practice of 11 Anuvrat code of conducts for the householders, prescribed under JEEWAN VIGYAN are now become more and more relevant while society is sliping slowly but steadily in the grip of rampant increase in corruption, violence, pollution, adultration or addiction.

One can see there is problem of educated but unemployed crowd in India. We are producing good Engineers, Doctors, Scientist, Administrators, Technicians, Lawyers, and even Teachers too, but not good human beings which must be now an important requirement on our renovated and rejuvenated modern education system. The primary requirement of our society is to prepare good human beings at large sensitive towards weaker sections especially women, animals, environment. Each one  having ample opportunity to employed with rightful means of earnings by practicing exemplary high moral values, self imposed restraints, celibacy, holistic health, along with zeal for taste of eternal peace, bliss, equanimity through various practices popular in time tested ancient education system in India. There are various question marks on present education system. Why corruption, rape, addiction is on rise as number of highly educated people is rising too at the same time. Is it there any link of rising corruption, use of drugs, prostitution and rape with current education system prevailing? Problem of black money is out of control and put great burden on our economy. More people are becoming richer though the gap between poor and rich is widening. Materialism, lust, addiction and Violence in different form is on increase.  Population is out of control and there is great threat on ecology, economy and our existence what to talk of inner peace as violence incidences are on rise not only at home, street, working place but also at the educational institutes, hospitals, courts, or even at the police stations as well as army camps too.

Need for undisputable lessons on theoretical and practical training of individual in science of living [1] as an essential component, i.e.,  every person who claims and certified by educational institute educated and responsible for making others also educated should know the science of living in theory and practice. One who is certified educated and declared qualified to impart education to others should also be tested somehow to be compassionate towards others living beings by exhibiting integration of mind, body and heart. It implies awakening of consciousness in the individual and whatever one plan, one feels, one thinks and express in action through body or speech, and there should be complete harmony.

Science of living  encompasses undisputable and tested lessons in both theory and practice to imbibe moral values, respect towards opposite gender, right habits in terms of food, breathing, water, sunlight, restraints on speech, right sleep, relaxation, meditation, etc., which are very important for emotional balance and spiritual upliftment of individuals along with their social, economical,  mental and physical well-being.  

What is Real success

If you are wealthy that is having good fortune, think for a moment what is its use if there is chaos in the society which is with full of violence, loot and at frequent wars. If society is at peace and you are wealthy too, think for a moment if you can, whether you are healthy too.  It required balanced education to be wealthy, healthy and with harmony in holistic sense that is in respect of socio-economic, physical, mental, emotional as well as with spiritual aspect. The ultimate goal is self realization for the ultimate success by following  the supreme path of truth, non-violence and hence liberation from all the self-imposed sufferings, pains or passions on the permanent basis. One who can rise above in life or even break the seemingly endless cycles of birth and death by the practice of unattachement taking decisions impartially without any prejudice, fear, favor, and personnel liking or disliking.

Wealthy is one who set limits for their possession by rightful means of earning and saving 20% for the future. One, who use 30% of earning in charity for food, medicine, shelter and instruments (or means) for all other seeker of liberation, on the path of non-violence by being always truthful, This is possible with rightful distribution of natural resources and generating prospects of rightful earnings by generating opportunity for all.

Social Harmony if each one is trained to respect self as well as others. Give the best to self and facilitate others to get their share of resources. Practice forgiveness, truthfulness, nonviolence and respect for all. The efforts should be in making one self-reliance rather than habitual beggar. There is no scope for drugs, liquor, gambling for the addiction free harmonious society.  Moreover, the whole earth and al their inhabitants are considered like a one family in the true sense. So there should not be any scope of war or attack on others for their natural resources or wealth.

Physical Health if one is not dependent on any regular medicine. Engage in outdoor physical labor, game, or, exercise in the morning, and yoga. Who take sufficient bath in mild sun light, use filtered or boiled water along with lots of variety of organic seasonal fruits empty stomach, dry fruits, seeds, raw or boiled vegetables, whole grains, sprouts, cold press mustard oil, cow’s milk, curd or buttermilk, jaggery in place of refined sugar, all variety of Indian spices, black or sendha (rock) salt, etc.,  all organic i.e.,  poisonous pesticides and  chemical fertilizers free, would be able to maintain good physical health.

Mental Health is related with the various chemicals for brain functioning as well as brain, spinal cord and nervous system. It can be enhanced by various herbs like Shatabri, Shankpushpi, Brahmi, Aswagandha, Amla along with walnut, pumpkin seeds, cow ghee, sesame’s cold press oil, etc. Also pranayama, meditation, relaxation, contemplation, panchkarma, acupressure, color therapy, etc., are  very beneficial along with proper sun bath under mild sun and at least one out-door game or work in farm.

Emotional Health is related to various hormonal secretions of various important glands such as pineal, pituitary, thyroids, Thymus and Adrenal or scalar and pelvic plexus, or organs such as liver, pancreas, etc. It can be enhanced by practice of contemplation, kayotsarg (relaxation), meditation with colors, auto analysis and auto suggestion, Anuvrata, etc., under preksha-dhyan system [3] as a complete package.  Also, good habits like early to rise, early to bed, light dinner by 7:00 pm, pious and spiritual environment would act as a catalyzer.  The instinct of attachment or the instinct of I, My or mine is at the root cause of all the sufferings or emotional imbalance. The inferiority as well as the superiority complex both is sign of bad emotional health. This is reflected in one as endless desires, lust, anger, pride, conceit, or greed as a passion and unending fear, pain, jealousy, selfishness, enmity, cruelty, laziness, intolerance, hatred towards all the others considered alien.

Spiritual Health is related with the soul that is reflected in those who are truthful and practice non-violence by meditating in true self most of the time. It’s also help one in experiencing eternal peace, bliss, vitality and supreme knowledge. While a good spiritual health is an indication of a good emotional health, and good Emotional Health in turn is also an indication of good physical and mental health. This requires one to set for the supreme goal in once life for the emancipation, liberation or freedom from all the sufferings at the permanent basis.  This is possible in favorable pious environment with right path of right perception or vision, right knowledge thereof, and right actions with vitality as well as continuous efforts.

Holistic education through Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) is the solution

Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) is at the heart of any holistic education system for all round development to make all, healthy, wealthy as well as wise in true sense. It encompasses appropriate lessons for introduction to physiology, i.e., different body parts, their functions as well as functioning. Another important lesson is about the importance of balanced, clean food for the body and benefit or requirement of its different types to body. Importance of clean Water, fresh Air, and mild Sunlight along with concern for environment in making it clean as well as green and right habits for using natural resources to get the optimal benefits is also relegated.

Important lessons for Inculcating of Good habits such as practice of right posture, warm water in the morning and 1 hrs after the meal, early to rise and early to bed, morning walk, friendliness towards all, adulation, tolerance, addiction free, social concern are through story sections.

Lessons on importance of sounds and colors in mental health would be found in the beginning. Practical lessons on meditation, perception of colors, vital points, breathing, etc., Contemplation along with introspection, autosuggestion, awakening of consciousness, and development of the concentration are essential for experiencing the fruit of success in the entire sphere by being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Preksha-Dhyan System [3] encompasses mainly theoretical lessons on its basic principles and practical lessons on importance of perception of body, perception of breathing, perception of psychic-centers, self-awareness by relaxation, contemplation and auto–suggestion, internal trip, perception of psychic colors and therapeutic thinking to get the taste of what is preached through practical self-experience.

Kayotsarg imply inaction and does not mean stopping of spiritual activity at all but aim is to stop all the material (body) activity. It results in complete and thorough physical, mental, emotional relaxation and revitalization. It prepares the base for easy and more effective meditation.

Anuvrat - are the minimum code of conduct for all to improve spiritual health to be truthful, nonviolent, development of determination through the power of resolution. It is important to establish human values in order to form healthy society of individuals, family, work place with national and international prospects. It is essential to implement common program in the society otherwise the existence of society based upon healthy human relations will remain a dream only. The 11 principles of Anuvrat are the “Development of –

    1. Effectiveness of nonviolence by simple vows for the life like, I will not kill any innocent being, I will not commit suicide, and I will not commit feticide.
    2. World peace and nonviolence by practicing that - I will not attack anybody I will not support aggression, I will endeavor to bring peace and disarmament.
    3. Pathway to reduce nonviolence by I will not take part in any violent agitations or destructive activities.
    4. Human Unity, Harmony and Emotional Integration by vow that I would not discriminate any human on the basis of caste, color, creed or sex.
    5. Communal Goodwill and Harmony I will practice communal tolerance, I will not rouse in sectarian frenzy.
    6. The concept of truthfulness may be started by practicing, I will remain provable in behavior or business, I will not harm anyone for gain, I will not deceive any one. I will not use any unfair means in examination as a student. I will not promote any unfair means in examination and I will work for all round development of students as a teacher.
    7. Self-Control and Determination by, I will practice the Abstinence (Celibacy, Continence), I will set limits on materialistic things.
    8. The process of purifying Democracy by, I will not use any unethical practice in election and not vote or support any one doing so.
    9. Ethical values in society I will never indulge or encourage in socially evil customs or fallacies.
    10. Detachment and Addiction free individual I will not take any drug (intoxicant), Liquor, Tobacco, hemp, heroine. I will not indulge in any act of gambling, hunting.
    11. Environment Concern I will always be alert to the problems of environment pollution and making it pollution free, I will not cut down green trees, I will economize the use of natural resources by not wasting of water, Electricity, etc.

We the teachers who consider themselves wise by thinking so as well as can think in the right direction for all the pertinent right goal for the self as well as for the society at large should work to develop methods to awaken the conciseness of the many in the masses and enabling them too, to think and act in the right direction. It would be possible by taking pledge for life and putting upper limits on accumulation in one’s life on all the materialistic desires by self-control. Also one should be trained with the principle of “One Life One Husband and one wife”, except extremely exceptional circumstances. Wise means who make all the efforts in self upliftment most of the time and in rest of the available time work  for the cause of environment, animals, poor, exploited, destitutes, ills, and downtrodden in the society. Self upliftment by providing to self with balanced of natural (satavik) food, physical exercise or outdoor labor, to imbibe moral values by reading of scriptures (swadhyay) and clearing of all the doubts in right company (satsangh), pranayama (breathing exercise), practice of perception (preksha), contemplation (anupreksha), meditation, set rules for self-governance (Anuvrat) & self-imposed restraints on daily basis or for whole life, with the practice under the able guidance of introspection & auto analysis, repentance & forgiveness, autosuggestion, relaxation, etc.


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