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Posted: 11.06.2017

07.19 Vratshileshu Panch Panch Yathākramam



व्रतशीलेषु पञ्चपञ्च यथाक्रमम्।


व्रतों और शीलों के पांच पांच अतिचार है, जो क्रमशः इस प्रकार है





There are five transgressions of every restraint.

It will be noticed from the discussion hereunder that exactly five transgressions are laid for each of the restraints. They were conceived in light of the socio-economic conditions prevailing in ancient time. That does not mean that there cannot be other transgressions. For instance, giving shelter to burglars or buying the stolen objects have been specified as transgressions of the third restraint, but smuggling, tax evasions, etc. were not specified, because the excise duties and income taxes were not levied that time. The transgressions mentioned here should therefore be treated as illustrative and one needs to think of other transgressions that he may come across in the present life style.


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