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['Siddhayatan Retreat']

Siddhayatan Tirth

Monkhood. It is widely celebrated, especially in India, when a soul is inspired to dedicate his or her life to the spiritual path by taking diksha (vows) to become a saman (male monk) or sadhvi (female monk) by renouncing the worldly life of pleasures and societal success and taking up a disciplined life to focus on self-improvement and liberation. The greatest responsibility and purpose in the human life is to know the soul and free the soul. To find such souls who are brave, courageous, strong and have a profound determination is rare. Monkhood is not an easy path or lifestyle. It requires hard work, humility, discipline, non-attachment, simple living, and intense learning. We celebrate, respect and honor any soul who is ready to take the most difficult and critical step.
On July 9, 2017, Miles O'Sullivan will take his Jain Bhagwati Diksha.



Miles, 27, was born in the UK and moved to the United States when he was a young boy. He was raised by a supportive, loving and hard working family who have expressed their pride for their son dedicating his life to serving humanity. Miles is a professional ocean photographer and captures life in a beautiful, colorful, and thoughtful way.
Since April of 2013, Miles has been training to become a monk under the guidance of his spiritual guru H.H. Acharya Shree Yogeesh. He first met Acharya Shree, at the age of 22, in January of 2012 when he attended a Meditation Retreat at Siddhayatan Tirth.



For several months before his visit, he was studying Acharya Shree's teachings via his YouTube channel. With the desire in his heart to advance spiritually and a subtle calling within his soul to become a monk, Miles put the effort to attend his retreat. After a year of self-study, practicing non-violence, becoming vegetarian and implementing the spiritual practices (sadhana) that he learned, Acharya Shree accepted him for training and has lived and studied at Siddhayatan Tirth ever since.
Miles is a special soul, with a loving, compassionate, selfless and profound heart. A deep and reflective thinker, he pours his soul into writing—not only words but also music. A responsible, thoughtful and hard worker, Miles not only puts efforts into improving himself on a daily basis, he also puts tremendous efforts in developing Siddhayatan Tirth grow and expand. While living at Siddhayatan he has put his energy into construction and renovation projects, landscaping, writing learning materials including Acharya Shree's “Chakra Awakening” book, filming for and being the Director of Photography for the “Stopping Traffic” documentary, teaching yoga and meditation classes, and being of service to guests.

After 4 years of training, Acharya Shree has announced that Miles is fully ready to take the most important step of his life - to become a monk and dedicate his life to self-improvement and helping others.



"Miles is a special soul who has been seeking truth for several years. As soon as he arrived at Siddhayatan Tirth his soul began to blossom. He is already a hard working soul, and after Diksha, his efforts will transform and shine in such a way to make even more impact. Though loving and emotional by nature, he is strong to face the difficulties of the path. After Diksha, he will not only help himself but also all living beings."
-- Acharya Shree Yogeesh



Miles will become the third American student to take Jain Diksha under H.H. Acharya Shree Yogeesh and enter the Siddha Sangha Order. In 2008, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree was the first ever to take Jain Sadhvi Diksha in North America. In 2016, Sadhvi Anubhuti became the first Hispanic to take Jain Sadhvi Diksha. There are currently two dedicated and devoted students training to take Diksha one day.



Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, Sadhvi Anubhuti, Sheryl O'Sullivan (mother), John O'Sullivan (father), Nick O'Sullivan (brother), Jessica O'Sullivan (sister), and Max O'Sullivan (brother), Cody Deveny (monk-in-training), Joe Carmody (monk-in-training) and the entire Siddhayatan Tirth community, invite you to this auspicious ceremony and special occasion.
[ Sunday, July 9, 2017 ]
10:00am - 1:00pm

**~~ Tilak Ceremony ~~**
(with Sangeet & Bhajans)

**~~ Pravachan ~~**
(Acharya Shree Yogeesh)

**~~ Pravachan ~~**
(Sadhvi Siddhali Shree)
**~~ Pravachan ~~**
(Sadhvi Anubhuti)

**~~ Saman Vaish ~~**

**~~ Diksha Paath ~~**

**~~ Pratham Sambodhan ~~**
(Speech by new Saman)

**~~ Lunch & Dessert ~~**


Siddhayatan Tirth
9985 E Hwy 56, Windom, Tx 75492
Diksha Lunch is sponsored by
Meera & Pramod Jain of Dallas, Texas





RSVP by calling (903) 487-0717 or replying to this email (info@siddhayatan.org).
Include your name, how many family members, and on which date you will attend.


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