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Posted: 13.07.2017

08.25 Nāmpratyayāh Sarvato Yogvisheshat Sooksh-maikakshetrāvagādhsthitah Sarvātmapradesheshwan-antanantpradeshāh



नामप्रत्ययाः सर्वतो योगविशेषात् सूक्ष्मैक क्षेत्रावगाढस्थिताः सर्वात्मप्रदेशष्वंतानंतप्रदेशाः।


कर्म प्रकृति की कारणभूत सूक्ष्म, एक क्षेत्र को अवगाहन करके रहे हुए तथा अनंतानंत प्रदेश वाले पुद्गल योगविशेष से सभी और से, सभी आत्म प्रदेशो में बंध को प्राप्त होते है।




The subtle particles capable of being transformed into Karma of infinite Pradeshas abiding in an area penetrate every Pradesh of soul by virtue of Yog.

This sutra deals with the plenitude of bondage. One would like to know what is the nature of bondage, whether it is gross or subtle, whether it affects all the Pradeshas of the soul or only some of them and so on. The sutra states that when the bondage occurs, it occurs of all the eight types. (The fact that the bondage of life span occurs only once in a lifetime is kept here understood.) This can be compared with metabolism in the body. As the food that we take is converted into blood, sinews, bones etc. as per body's requirements, so the incurring bondage is of all types of Karma. It is formed of the subtle particles. It affects every Pradesh and is constituted of the infinite Karma particles that reach the soul from the proximity.


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