Tattvartha Sutra ► 09 Samvar - Prevention Of Karma ► 09.01

Posted: 15.07.2017

09.01: Āsravnirodhah Samvarah



आश्रवनिरोधः संवरः।


आश्रव का निरोध संवर है।





Restraining the Asrav of Karma is Samvar.

This sutra defines Samvar as restraining of Āsrav. We had considered different types of restraints in chapter 7. The main purpose of observing the same is to turn back from the evils of violence, lies etc. that work as major obstacles in undertaking spiritual pursuit. To the extent one observes the restraints, the possibility for acquiring Karma decreases and his life becomes purer. Thereby he steadily rises to the higher levels. In other words, the superior the level of observance, the higher one rises on the ladder of spiritual elevation.


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