The Secret of Past Lives: 06 ►Some Incidents of Past Life Recollection and Prediction of the Future

Published: 16.08.2017

Here is an incident of 1960. Praveen Chandra Shah was an employee of Salod Bank, Rajkot. He had a daughter named Rajul. For three years the girl did not show any sign of difference from other girls of her age group. But after that she said that she belonged to Junagadh and her name was Geeta. At first the members of her family did not pay any attention to it. But her grandfather Braj Bhai Shah sent his son-in- law to find out the facts.

On going there it was found that Gokuldas who lived in Tele street in Junagadh had a daughter named Geeta. She had died at the age of 21 -22. Rajul used to talk about a sweet shop near her house. When she was taken to the said address, the girl immediately identified the sweet shop. In the evening they visited the house of Gokul Das Thakkar. His wife Kanta ben was standing near the window. Braj Bhai asked Rajul whether she could recognize her. The girl thought for a moment and then said, "You are my mother." Not only this she called her as 'Bhabhi' i.e. sister in law. People were taken by surprise because Geeta used to call her mother, Bhabhi. The Shah family was surprised to note that in their family the mother is called as Bhabhi. How did the girl know? Next day all of them visited the temple. When the girl was asked about the temple she showed towards the direction of the house. People thought that the girl had forgotten about the temple. But Kanta ben told them that she performed her daily pujas there. On hearing this, the people were dumbfounded. People now believed that the girl was perhaps remembering her previous birth.

A similar incident was published in March 1966 in 'Kalyan'. This has its base in Lanka. Suresh Maithrumurty had embraced Buddhism. He became sick and while in bed he instinctively knew that he would die by the next day evening and would be born in North India. People did not believe him. He showed signs of improvement. But what he said became true. He died before evening. He had handed over his wrist watch to his teacher Anand Nethraya, who was more of a brother to him, they were great friends. In order to find out the truth about his birth he came to Madras. He met an astrologer and asked about the next birth of Suresh. He had a text, which gave an account of people of the past 5000 years. This was a text on rebirth. According to that he said that Suresh had been born in Bihar, his father's name was Ramesh Singh and mother's name was Savitri. Once he got the links, he took the help of police. He was able to trace the child and the child was able to recall his past birth and various incidents. Anand Nethraya was a professor. He took the child. The child was able to recognize many things. When he identified the wrist watch people were dumbfounded. The moment he saw the wrist watch in Anand Nethraya's wrist he immediately said, "This is my watch." This was the same watch that Suresh had given to Anand just before his death.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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