The Secret of Past Lives ► 02 ►The Rational Mind Asks: What, Why and How of Rebirth ► Through Hypnosis

Posted: 02.08.2017

The past life events can also be witnessed by making use of hypnosis. The Indian saints have termed it as the use of hypnosis and yogic sleep. Self-hypnosis, getting hypnotized by others, getting hypnotized by a shrink, etc.... are different ways of being hypnotized. The intellectuals of the West have termed this as 'Hypnotism' or 'Mesmerism'. Mesmer had applied this knowledge in the medical field. He would guide the patient through information into deep sleep and would inform them through suggestions that they will not feel any pain, whatsoever may be done to their bodies. The operation on the patient was thus carried out successfully without any pain. With this technique a person can be hypnotized and even made to remember incidents of past lives.

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