The Secret of Past Lives ► 02 ►The Rational Mind Asks: What, Why and How of Rebirth ► Utilization of meditation techniques-My own experience

Posted: 03.08.2017

Acharya Tulsi[1]'s four month visit schedule to Raipur had been announced. Acharya Tulsi had proceeded to Odisha. In my mind, there was an ardent desire to experiment with meditation. I practiced for hours at length. Till that time the technique of Preksha Dhyan[2] had yet to be developed. I was determined in my mind to master meditation. I would debate with other monks on different techniques of meditation, but alas one cannot learn meditation through debates! In the field of meditation, apart from the Patanjali Yoga technique there were many other meditation techniques that were popular. I also had an exclusive discussion on meditation with J. Krishnamoorti. I got to know through correspondence and other information that he organizes special research in meditation. A meeting time was scheduled with him. I met him at his residence. His conversation style was very simple. His personality was calm, quiet, simple and attractive. His language was clear, sweet and inquisitive. The discussion veered towards meditation, concentration, the process of becoming thought free etc. The gist of his discussion was - Why should we meditate? What is the need for concentration? Why do you wish to remove all thoughts? If you merely live in the present, meditation will come on its own. However, if you will make an effort to stay without thoughts, then thoughts will rush in at an even greater speed. His talk unfolded some kind of realization within me.

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