The Secret of Past Lives ► 02 ►The Rational Mind Asks: What, Why and How of Rebirth ► Through Kayotsarg

Posted: 05.08.2017

Kayotsarg is a process of making the body stable, loose and tension free. Kaya (Body) + Utsarg (rising above) = Kayotsarg (rising above the body). In this one's body gets rid of restlessness and starts becoming calmer. Along with calmness, the person meditating becomes less obsessed with his own body. He now passes through the experience of realizing the difference between body and soul. In such situations, the practitioner is taken by the trainer into greater depths, preparing him for a journey into the past. The practitioner thus goes deeper into his past and starts experiencing incidents from his past life and also starts evaluating his past life. There is a significant difference apparent in the state of his eyes and body, from which it is evident that he has gone into his past life.

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