The Secret of Past Lives ► 11 ►Brutal Murder and Mohini Devi

Posted: 14.09.2017

A camp was organized at Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Delhi from 4th November to 11th November 2005. People had gathered in the Yogakshema room. The exercise was aimed at bringing an experience of the previous birth.

Mohini Devi, an ardent follower, conducts these training programs in Preksha Meditation. She shares her spiritual experience with the trainees.

She attended a training camp in Pali. Those experiences of previous birth completely changed her life. She says:- The exercise of recalling my past has brought to me new resolve, new hope, new direction and new enthusiasm. Today I am leading perfect, purposeful life and progressing on the spiritual path. I have witnessed my previous birth and those incidents have left me dumbfounded. In 1972, I had come in contact with a stranger and crossing the threshold of my paternal home, started living with him. I was just 17 years old. I did not know the limits of relationship. Since I was in love I thought that was the height of happiness, the ultimate goal in life. But it was not so. The joy of living with a loved one was short. In 1982 I found myself helpless and alone. Life seemed to be bleak. I was completely engulfed in darkness. I was alone with my tears. It is in such a situation that I saw light. I saw a hand that seemed to be blessing, that was of an elderly person. It was evening. The setting sun became my point of meditation and concentration. There was an inexplicable curiosity that came from within. After six months I met that old revered person. He was none other than muni Nathmal, the disciple of Ganadhipati Gurudev Tulsi who was better known as Acharya Mahapragya.

I was lucky to be his disciple. His blessing hands were on me. I was full of humility, faith and got lost in that divine aura and one decision got made: he would be my strength, my backbone. I shall hold on to him. He will give me both physical and spiritual strength. From here I started my journey in meditation.

Eight years have lapsed. Gurudev was observing 'Chaturmaas'. It was the time of Paryushan when a camp for preksha dhayn was organized. As per instructions of Muni Shri Krishan Lai, I joined the training camp. A likely place was spotted for holding the camp. This was a haunted house. During daytime one did not have any fear of ghost. But as night descended the very utterance of the word 'ghost' sent a chill down our spine. So I could not sleep at night. The day dawned and I told Muni Shri that I will not be able to stay here. But Muni Shri said, "The time is close for 'soul search'. You never know when one will be able to be close to self realization. Therefore don't run away from such godly experience."

I stopped looking elsewhere. The same day we had the Preksha Meditation. I told Muni Shri, "I felt something happening as if some power wants to free itself from me." Munishri just laughed and said, "If it is so let it be, better stay for some time." The second day was over. On the third day I said, "I am able to visualize the past but there is no clarity. It looked like a palace in the lake. I want to experience my past. I wish to know about the introspection of the soul. Kindly tell me the procedure." Muni Shri was kind. He asked me to face the north and asked me to say, "I want to go deep into my past. I am gradually going into the distant past."

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