The Secret of Past Lives: The History of Mrigaputra in his Previous Birth

Published: 29.08.2017

Ekkai Rathod

Bhagvan Mahavir addressed Gautam There was a place called Shatadwar in Bharat which was a part of Jambu Island. A king called Dhanapati was ruling over Shatadwar. Very close to this towards the north-west direction there was a headman named Vijay Vardhaman Kheda. There were 500 villages under his control. In this sector there was a man called Ekkai Rathod. He was irreligious, discourteous, had a bad character and was a sadist.

Ekkai Rathod was the actual controller of the 500 villages of Vijay Vardhaman. He used to double the grain that he lent, used to take interest on loans. He used to take bribe. He used to insult and humiliate people. He used to implicate people. He used to take pleasure in creating conflicts in families and penalise according to his whims and fancies and he would annex the property of people rendering them penniless. He tried to encourage thieves and used them. He used to trouble people by setting villages on fire and thereby troubling them. If some people passed by his village he would attack and loot them. Thus he used to create problems for the people, never allowed them to live in peace and thus most of the villagers were reduced to poverty and penury due to his atrocities and anarchy

Ekkai Rathod used to interfere in all the affairs of the state. He used to know through various means all that was discussed in the court of the king and at the same time would deny if he had heard or seen something. At times he would tell a lie by saying that he had not heard, seen, and spoken anything. Basically he was wicked and vicious. The type of life that he led and the way he wrought misery and destruction on others that he really became miserable due to such sins so much so that he was infested with sixteen types of diseases. Right from simple cough, cold and fever, indigestion, piles, pain in all his five senses, that is the ear, nose, throat, mouth and eyes. He had all kinds of ailments. It was so painful that he asked his relatives to call for such doctors who could cure him from the 16 types of diseases he was suffering from. He asked them to give wide publicity and announce that a lot of money will be given as a reward.

Learning about this a number of doctors, hakims, surgeons left for his home. But with all the medicines and various types of surgeries which included treating with decoction of medicinal plants and other powders and surgery he could not be cured of 16 diseases that he was suffering from. So all the doctors having fought a losing battle went back tired, exhausted, frustrated and disappointed. On the other hand he with all his ailments continued to be lost in luxury and sensuous life and thus he lived till the age of 250 years and finally died to be reborn on Ratnaprabha, which was at significant height above sea level.

After he completed his term of life he was born in Mrigagram as the son of Mrigadevi and Vijay.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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