The Secret of Past Lives: What are the ways of knowing about previous birth?

Published: 31.08.2017

There are three ways of getting to know the past:

The first is through meditation. One has to concentrate one's mind and then get oneself into the path of spiritual meditation. People are taught yogic practices and various postures. This makes every part of the body to be active.

In the second stage one is trained to leave this body and transcend into the past. This procedure makes your body light and gradually the procedure of inhalation and exhalation slows down.

In the third step one is gradually going back to the past and that reminds us of our past birth.

Karma influences us. Whenever we do some physical work or are engaged in mental and emotional processes our inner energy gets vibrated. It can be positive or negative. All our actions are guided by karma or our past deeds. However, the inauspicious that fill the mind, veil our knowledge can be removed by meditation, prayer, concentration such that good thoughts fill the mind and one leads a virtuous life.

According to Vedic religion and Jainism as is the intellect so is the progress in life. Whatever thoughts occur at the time of one's death that will decide one's next birth. Jainism believes in the truth that the soul bears the responsibility for its actions. No one else is.

I used to train people in Preksha Meditation in the presence of the great Acharya Shri Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya. Many people used to recollect their past. During meditation it was realized that each person has the divine in him and is capable of realizing his previous birth. Those who experienced their past lives, their life changed in the present. Non-believers became believers. One can do penance and thus cleanse the past sins. By knowing one's past the future course becomes easier to manage.

In the process of recollecting the past, the first step is to do Kayotsarg. In this exercise, there is an aspect of relaxation, which helps the practitioner manage the past and emerge into the present without remembering the experience. By this experiment people are able to find the cause for disease, fear and worries and they can be treated.

A number of people shared their experiences in the camp for Preksha Meditation.

Dr. Sushma Singhavi - When I was in recollecting my past I saw my mother in a house in Badmer plaiting my hair and I was on her lap. All of a sudden I saw someone descending from the sky wearing white clothes.

Surendra Singh - While recalling my past birth I could visualise how I was breast fed by my mother. In the second phase I saw myself as a tonsured (sanyasi) monk it seemed to be displayed on T.V. There was sandal paste on hands and three horizontal lines on my forehead. I could see myself in a very pleasant mood.

Vimal Bhatia - I saw myself as an English woman. I was enjoying the beauty of hills, streams and green fields. There was a big palatial building. My father Johnny was Anglo Indian and my mother was British. I could see horses in the stables and cows in the shed.

Shyam Prakash Parikh -1 saw the telescope on the deck of the ship. I was explaining to my friends regarding the horizon. I could see myself standing in line along with other jawans for training. I saw a big home. My mother was seated. My sister was unhappy regarding my training in the military camp.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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