The Secret of Past Lives ► 10 ►Some Experiences and Some Examples ► A fairy and a Fakir in the second birth that he saw

Posted: 05.09.2017

On 4th May 2005 we reached the same room for Preksha Dhyan. Everyone was looking bright and clear. Everyone was getting ready to take their respective place mirror in Preksha Meditation. I was also sitting there with a lot of curiosity.

Just as on previous day I laughed and cried from the same hut. And all of a sudden I turned in to a fairy and flew towards the sky. The next moment I felt as if I had become a fakir (mendicant) wearing a blue robe and sitting on a chair in a cave near a lake. I seem to be old. I found many disciples and friends standing in prayer. I didn't see anything nor did I think. The body seemed to be relaxed. I was happy.

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