The Secret of Past Lives ► 10 ►Some Experiences and Some Examples ► Netaji in a white attire in the fourth birth that he saw

Posted: 06.09.2017

On 6th May I had realized that firm determination had caused the experiences of previous birth. By this kind of practice one is able to go to the subconscious level and into the world of imagination. I could see my face in the mirror. When a person wants to awaken at the subconscious level he feels a kind of shiver in his hands and one realises that one's hand is on his forehead. This is how one reaches the gate of subconscious level. I entered the subconscious mind. I realized that in my fourth birth I was sitting on a royal chair in the bungalow where normally a President sits. I was commanding the soldiers to be alert at the time of war. I experienced as if I was Netaji. I was in a white attire. I was delivering a powerful and inspiring speech. People were applauding loudly.

On 7th May after a practice session we were once again sitting for Preksha Meditation. The practice continued for some time. The body experienced it's alienation from mind. The body had relaxed. Ajourney into the previous birth took place. Once the time was over we had to return. I felt blessed by Muni Kishanlal and as a token of gratitude I surrendered my mind and body to the great preceptor who had taken me into the journey of four previous births.

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