The Secret of Past Lives: Lama and Japanese Lady: Dr. Krishna Dutt Sharma

Published: 07.09.2017

Dr. Krishna Dutt Sharma is 50 years old. He holds M.A., L.L.B and PhD degrees. At the same time he is a CA and a linguistics. He has special interest in ancient studies. He has knowledge of acupressure. He is diabetic and believes in naturopathy. He could foresee the happenings in the next six months. But gradually, now that capacity is fading away. Sometime he could intuitively know about the future. His interest in astrology, scripture and witchcraft kindled in him a desire to know about his previous birth.

He says that by joining the training camp in Preksha Meditation he was able to concentrate and he became healthy. His thinking was clear. There was piety of thought which helped him to recall his previous birth.

Muni Shri was in the meditation hall. He seemed to be an incarnation of peace, happiness and compassion. To initiate into the practice of meditation he made everyone practice yogic exercises. After relaxing the body he stressed on the importance of fearlessness. The moment one felt fearless then one did not see any difference or duality. It seemed as if I have become a part of this mother earth. There was greenery everywhere. The whole earth seemed to be alive in all its splendour and glory. There were dried leaves collected in a corner. One could see fire sparked from among the trees and the leaves started burning. The whole jungle got caught in the wild fire. There was ash all around. The strong wind blew the ash. After the storm there were clouds. There was thunder and lightning followed by heavy rains. There was water everywhere. The whole jungle seemed to have been cleared. The mellow flowing stream seems to bring a kind of peace and harmony. One felt absolute peace.

After sometime one could see one's body on the funeral pyre. Relatives were standing around. The pyre was lit and it sent smoke. Birds were flying. I was surprised to see who all were watching and from which directions! I felt like a storehouse of energy. I saw an ashram on the bank of a river where I saw a mahatma in saffron robe. On one side was a lion and the other side was a dog. Was the storehouse of energy a sage? I could not come to any conclusion. Once I concentrated upon these happenings I could see my own face changing into the faces of saints and sages. I was wondering why such faces seem to be appearing before me. I was wonder struck. Then I saw myself as a saffron clad, robust person in a hut. There is a temple nearby. Some of the people clad in white robes were performing prayers by Navarna mantra.

Then a Japanese lady was seen. She looked like Japanese from the costumes and jewellery that she wore. After sometime she went away. I was looking at her. All of a sudden I could see a big lion. That also vanished towards the jungle.

Two eyes were staring at me. They were wearing green glasses. I could see many faces. One face was clear. That was the face of the famous lawyer of Bengal C.R. Das.

The British judge was seated. There was an Indian woman also. Some more faces were appearing. Their lips were moving. Their conversation was not clear. Nobody seemed to be talking. My mind was trying to interpret unreal thinking.

I could see two crude eyes through the spectacles. It gradually turned into a Gujarati gentleman. He changed into a bearded man with a long face. Then it turned into the figure of Lama. He seemed to be an introvert. The lama was looking at the rising sun behind the hills by leaning on his walking stick. One could observe radiance of his body passing in a parallel line.

In the beginning there seemed to be a pyre. I was able to see the scene. I was wearing a wooden sandal. I descended on the jungle from the sky. There is a temple. In the sanctum sanctorum there is the statue of Durga. The temple is dilapidated. I feel like renovating the temple.

This temple seems to be in Madhya Pradesh. I feel that I am the prince. 1 can do the work. Next moment the prince appears like an ascetic. After sometime one white glittering object seems to be moving from one place to another. Later on it transformed itself into a youth with a turban.

I do not know how to analyze these scenes. I wonder at the process. Is it wishful thinking that brings to your mind without any imagination? No. But what I saw was exactly happening. These were incidents of the previous birth. Sometimes I felt I had experienced them. Or could it be my own thinking which was taking various forms.

In this birth I have studied in Sanskrit Vidyalaya in Sukhdev Ashram, on the banks of the Ganges, in Muzzafar Nagar district. It has taken years to finish the studies at the Brahmacharya ashram. Through this practice I have experienced my past lives. I express my gratitude to Munishree.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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