The Secret of Past Lives: Vimala Bhatia-the woman with a hat

Published: 09.09.2017

Bhatia is a resident of Jaipur. She is a mechanical engineer. She was able to recollect her past birth by cleansing one's thoughts and using the procedure of Preksha Meditation. She liked natural scenery, temples and ponds. In order to experience the incidents of the previous birth she came to the training camp.

Muni Kishanlal was in his meditation hall. He was seen sitting in peace and tranquility. The radiance of his aura could be felt all around him. In order to keep us from fear of Preksha Meditation a few yogic exercises were practiced by us. After this we were gradually led to sensitizing towards deep meditation. My left hand was on my navel and the right hand was four fingers above the knee. Eyes were closed. After some basic instructions the procedure started.

Once I was energized, I could feel the vibration in hands very much like the electric current. I touched the central point and saw myself in the mirror and then I realized that I was entering the cave. It seemed to be too dark like a deep well. I could see realized souls. At the end I felt that I was a woman wearing a hat in modern dress but I could not figure out her face. I went to the cave. Once I went into a trance, I could go deep into the meditation. I saw a big trench. I peeped into it. I felt as if the bamboo trees were on fire and there was smoke everywhere. I was surrounded by smoke. There was darkness everywhere. The fire had spread. The jungle seemed to have been reduced to ashes. Everybody had turned into ash. Only skeletons were there. There was lightening. The body seemed to be floating. I was able to witness the scene. All of a sudden I felt that my conscious state had reached a foreign country. I was roaming about in my home in downtown London. There was a big house very close to the river. There were green fields. My father was a South Indian and mother was British. There is a road from my home to the field that was beautiful. One has to ride a horse to go the main road. In the course of deep meditation I could witness some more incidents. I felt as if I was in a big city. I saw a middle aged lady walking along a canal all alone and serving the poor. When the mahapran dwani sounded again, I saw a girl who was living in Northern England. She is a college student and is very beautiful and young. She lives with her parents. I did not know whether it was I or I was a witness to all these.

I had gone far away from my previous birth where there was darkness but absolute peace. I could not see anyone. I felt hot and as I continued the procedure I was going deep into the dark cave. At the end a door opened. A Mahatma was sitting there. I prostrated before him and moved on. There was a river and green fields, and on sides were hills. Then a lady was spotted. Then I saw a dark girl and then there was darkness. After deep meditation I came across a sage. The moment I prostrated before him my next journey started. I crossed two big royal palaces. Then on hearing the sound of mantra I went to a bedroom. I got up as I could not get sleep. The head was aching. I could realize that I was going through previous births. Then I found myself inside a round box. I was rolling. I could feel as if there was a thunderstorm.

The command - "Relax and be alert. Concentrate on your centre point with the chanting of 'Hreem' get deeper and deeper into yourself. Cast away your physical body."

"Feel the 'Hreem' sound on your navel. The spiritual energy is emanating " 'Hayeesh'. Now the physical body and spiritual sense have got separated. The spiritual energy is taking the lead. Pledge once more.

If you want to look into the past go back. You were meditating.............

totally at peace....... You got up in the morning... You had your food

yesterday. Went to meet your guru.... Look to the past. One day it so happened that you were all alone.... separated... your husband could

not be seen.... It was a strange situation....... Where there is union there

is separation. You too have to leave one day. Get back to the past. One day you were happy because you were to be wedded. You bid farewell to your parents, siblings and relatives. Think of the moment when you had to bid farewell to all your near and dear ones. You studied in a school...Followed discipline...Sometimes you played....At times you quarrelled....Go back....Your mother was breast feeding you. Your

mother doted on you....You were conceived........ For nine months you

had to undergo a lot of troubles....Most of these troubles are forgotten. Go back into the past.

You have to experience the incidents of your previous birth. There is darkness everywhere. That will fade away with the sound of 'Hreem'. You will be able to witness your previous birth and the incidents by leaping out of the darkness....'Hayeesh'.

Now look at your corpse. Funeral pyre has been lit. This body is mortal. It has taken many births.

Try to recall all those incidents. Leave this body and try to introspect the inner self. Try to be in space where there is nothing. Try to invoke your inner self and go deep and find out what bad (karma) deeds you had done, that you are punished with separation.

I was lost in meditation for more than 90 minutes and forgot my existence. I felt as if I had crossed through the darkness and I saw light. At that time I felt as if I was in a swing and I was going up and down as I experienced in my childhood days. There was a shiver of fear. I felt as if I was entering a big gorge. Within a moment I returned to the earth from that wondrous world.

While in trance I saw in the deep gorge- there was a marble palace in the middle of the lake. There was greenery all around and the fountains were splashing crystal clear water. This was a man made water fall close to this palace. It was king of Udaipur who had specially created this for his only daughter. The princess is feeling the touch of this crystal clear water. She is looking at the pair of white pigeons which were perched on a hillock at a distance. The moment she sees them she is lost in the memories of her childhood.

A pair of pigeons are courting. There is a nest close by. There were three or four fledglings. The princess in a gay mood comes along with her friends. Then there is a bet among them as who would fetch those fledglings. Everyone tried. The princess was able to climb the tree. As she tries to reach the nest all of a sudden the nest along with the fledglings fall into the river and they float along the current of the river. The female pigeon tries to reach the nest. The princess throttles the neck of the mother pigeon that was sad at the separation of her young ones. The dead pigeon also falls into the water. The male pigeon looks on at the total destruction of his family. Oh! In a split of a second a tragedy had hit upon his family. He was in tears. He bled from his heart. There were hiccups. After a long time I collected myself and Muni Shri chanted peace. I was full of remorse and repented.

This was a journey into the previous birth. An introspection of sins committed in my previous birth. Due to the sin committed by me I am reaping it's fruit. I am issueless and separated from my husband in this life. Spiritual journey is not long but to reach the ultimate is very difficult. To dive deep into the Preksha Meditation is quite difficult. It is very hard to do penance and find that enlightening path.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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