The Secret of Past Lives: Blessed to see Jain Muni in Meditation

Published: 13.09.2017

Narendra Kumar Jain

Narendra Kumar Jain is a Reiki master in Jaipur. He said that experiencing previous birth and rebirth is well documented. It is not something which can be called supernatural.

I participated in the training camp in order to know about my previous birth and do penance.

I had come across an episode some 7 or 8 years before. On reading that, I and many others felt a feeling of alleviation. The episode is as follows:-

A man knew the language of animals. He was a farmer. He felt that he was not able to be as rich as the merchant in spite of hard work. He asked his friends. They said that wealth comes from business and business needs money. He thought of mortgaging his land to the money lender and get some money. When he went there the money lender was about to close his shop. The Seth had his own norms. He told him that he would be able to lend him only the next day. The farmer said, "It is going to be night. Where shall I go?" The Seth took him to his house. He offered him food and asked him to choose a place for resting at night. The farmer by his natural instinct was ready to be in the shed of the bulls. At night the two bulls were brought to the shed. One was yellow in colour and the other black. The farmer was listening to their conversation. The yellow bull told the black bull that he had paid off his debts to the Seth so he would go away. The black bull replied that he owed ten thousand rupees to the Seth. He did not know how long he would have to work for him. He had to collect ten thousand rupees from the elephant of Maharaja.

On hearing this, the farmer slept. When he woke up he saw that the yellow bull was lying dead. The farmer thought that if he could not return his debt he may have to be reborn as animals or any other living being. Thinking on these lines he thought it was better not to take any loan and be a debtor. While leaving the Seth asked him to take the black bull and ask the king to have a fight between the bull and the elephant and win the bet for Rs. 10,000/-. The Seth went to the king and asked him to bet Rs. 10,000/- for the fight between the bull and the elephant. The fight began at the place and time marked for the show. The bull told the elephant the reason for this duel and that he owed Rs. 10,000/- to Seth. The elephant decided to lose. Thus the bull won and Seth got his Rs. 10,000/-. The black bull also died the same night. The essence is that one has to reap in this birth what one sows in the previous birth.

The camp was held for Preksha Meditation. I participated in it in order to have an experience of my past birth. My physique was healthy, mind was absolutely balanced and thinking clear. Due to purity of thoughts I was able to experience the incidents of the past birth. For the first time I realized as if the whole world was revolving and my body seemed to have left this earth. While I was enjoying this I came to consciousness. I could not see any reflection in front of the mirror. As per instructions I was able to see a newborn in a beautifully decorated luxurious room. I was able to be comfortable in the company of a few people for whom I neither had hatred nor love. I saw a beautiful home like a modern bungalow but there was nobody. I could not go beyond. Due to interruption I could not concentrate. Nothing happened. It was densely dark. After trying to see something I could see a deep blue sea and later I could see the clouds. I was having severe pain in my forehead. I could only see a Jain sage.

Dr. lima Parikh is a homeopath. He was able to feel serene after he went through the process of Preksha Meditation. During the process the body relaxed. Due to auto suggestion I was becoming fearless and then with subtle suggestions, I started feeling a closeness to the earth and see a place caught in fire.

Uma Bordia improved her concentration. The body became fit, mind at peace and thought process attained clarity. Suresh Jain feels that due to the process of cleansing activity he was able to go back into the past. While recalling the previous birth he could see thin clouds appearing in the sky before he could feel himself in the womb. I could see fish in the water.

Anubha Jain felt that she was going into the past. First she saw herself as a married woman, then the college days and then school. She was being breastfed. Then she found herself in the womb of her mother. She had been there for long. She prostrated before Sidha Bhagwaan. Then there was darkness. Again she found herself in the womb.

"I have left my body. I am roaming about in the darkness. I am feeling scared. I seem to be hung and rotating at a fast pace. I am not able to stop myself. I don't seem to have a body. I am rotating. At first my feet were embedded in the stone and there was greenery everywhere. There were bamboo trees. Due to the rustling of bamboos there was fire all over. Even I was enveloped by the fire. There was light everywhere. The light seemed to be travelling through my body. I was going through a tunnel. Then I felt as if my whole body was getting stiff. I came back. After having released from the womb I was moving towards darkness as if it were a pipe. There was darkness everywhere. It seemed to be unending darkness through the pipe and I was moving towards it. Then I experienced light. There was radiance everywhere. Wherever I saw there was light.

Shailesh Jain felt, "I felt to be flying. While flying, I felt as if I would fall but I didn't. The moment I heard Om Shanti I came down. I saw myself in my place. I did not fall. I came down on earth slowly."

At the point of concentration I could see colours like yellow, pink and white. They were appearing one after the other. I felt sweet in my throat. My whole body was experiencing divine experience. I saw my body in the light. There was light everywhere. My legs were quivering. I had to go somewhere but I could not. I stood amidst light. The body was exhausted.

I am not able to get into the past. The whole body seems to be tired out. I don't feel like moving. The whole body seems to be getting stiff. It seems as if someone is ready to come out of the body which is like a cage.

There seems to be tension in my brain. It seems as if they want to draw me to some direction but my present is not ready to leave me and I am not able to get into the past.

According to Shradha Bharatiya one could realize that the consciousness was leading from bliss to knowledge and again from knowledge to bliss. This seemed to be cynical. By meditation, stream of consciousness flowed and one felt the presence. At the last moment I could see that I was returning from heavenly abode. Then there was peace.

Lalit Kumar Suklecha felt the radiance all over. Mr. J.P. Mittal felt as if the ashes and the body floated in the rain.

During Preksha Meditation one was able to see the procedure of Bhed Vigyan.

Vijaya Chalani saw herself as a full grown body in the womb. Nivedita Shukla saw something like a crocodile. Ramesh Chandra Israni was experiencing a journey through darkness and light alternatively. Surendra Singh saw himself as a sanyasi in his previous birth. Dr. Sushma Singhvi while journeying through her previous birth felt that she was in Badmer. She was sitting in the lap of her mother. Her mother was plaiting her hair. Then she suddenly felt that she saw someone descending in white clothes. Dr. Shiva Kumar experienced that he was a judge in his previous birth. Now he is a computer engineer. He is the chairman and director of a software export company. He is an honest and upright person. He has been honoured by the president. Bakaul Tejas felt that in the course of experience that he was a judge in his previous birth. As he had pronounced a wrong judgment, he is born in a lower status in this birth. Sometime the forecast about the future come true.

It seemed strange. But I acknowledge Muni Krishan Lai as a spiritual mentor/guru and by invoking his power I try to nurse the patients back to health.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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