The Secret of Past Lives ► 11 ►Brutal Murder and Mohini Devi ► Surendra Arya could see his consciousness like a string of silver

Posted: 18.09.2017

Surendra Arya is a member of the Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra. He could journey into past gradually from youth to childhood to infancy and then to the womb. He saw a rustic Muslim. He was 40 - 45 years of age, very calm. Then a group of mendicants had attended the last rites of a sage. Then a cow with a calf was seen.

Neeti Dugad of Ladnun felt as if she was on a journey. The body seemed to be moving but there was darkness everywhere. When the experiment was coming to a close she felt as if she was rotating.

Renu Goyal of New Delhi felt as if she had seen Ram and Sita on a strange palanquin whereas Sarita Dugad of Noida saw a row of Jain monks.

Shobit Jain felt as if he was going through a tunnel. Ravi Mittal and B.R. Gupta of Delhi had a very blissful experience. Jaya in her meditation felt that there was fire everywhere but she herself was standing safe.

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