The Secret of Past Lives ► 11 ►Brutal Murder and Mohini Devi ► Experiences of three previous birth

Posted: 20.09.2017

N.K. Jain is a native of Kantabanji of district Balangir in Odisha. He has been able to journey through his past three births. He said, "I have no attachment in this world. Still I am living a family life. I had come here to pay my respects to my teacher. I joined the training camp. I went through yogic procedure, meditation and relaxation of body. I was curious to experience the incidents of my previous birth.

I saw myself standing on a big hill. I am able to see forests, trees and plants, green fields. But at the same I saw a gigantic figure of a man with big eyes with protruded teeth. He was surrounded by lions, some big and some small. I felt as if I was one among them. Muni Shri's instructions were heard - "Go back. Still go back." My journey started towards the past. There were piles of wood everywhere. There was fire under the wood. The moment I saw fire I started running. I came across a river. I swam across and came to the bank. I saw a sage sitting in deep meditation. I felt it to be the figure of Buddha. Being frightened I started running and tried to cross the jungle.

I am meditating in a place. It is a hilly region. I am able to feel the impact of both meditation and that of the jungle. I do not relish anything. I just want to reach the final objective. Muni Shri again instructed - "Come out." I came out and went to the meditation hall. I felt at peace and experienced the bliss.

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