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Posted: 21.09.2017

Pawan Devi Juniwal is a Jain follower of Jaipur. She participated in the meditation training camp. Whatever she experienced she has expressed in simple language.

Intensive training camp for Preksha Meditation was held on 4th April, 1998. It was a Saturday. During the programme on the 8th Muni Shri Kishanlal conducted a special exercise. He instructed us to imagine the presence of a copper pillar and concentrate on it. He further said, "Imagine that this pillar has pierced through your body from head to foot. There are white atoms spread everywhere.

These atoms are entering the body through antenna like pillar. Try to attract maximum number of atoms. Now experience the spread of these divine atoms as they are gradually entering into your body. Experience that these atoms are spread from west to east, north to south from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Try to generate these atoms and send them across."

I pledged to see all the four directions. I experienced that Shri Seemandhar Swami was seated in Pundarikgani, the capital city that was the eighth victory of 'Pushpa Kalavati Vijay' and that was located in the middle of the eastern side of the Mahivideh area. I could see him there. A whitish pink light emerged from the centre of the seat. I could see the radiance crossing ponds, sea, hills and appeared to be reaching the sky like a bird that soars high in the sky. Muni Shri was giving directions. As the waves of the sea strike the shore and return to the sea similarly that flash of light returned to Shri Seemandhar Swami and then returned again. I used to recite the hymns of Shri Seemandhar Swami and that is why I could see it. One could come face to face with such blissful situation which comes with continued meditation. Once one has the knowledge of such philosophy and then if one puts it into practice through Preksha Meditation, then recollection of the previous birth becomes easy.

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